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constitutional predisposition to a particular disease or abnormality

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In recent years, patients with leucocyte adhesion disorder (LAD) type 3 who have frequent infections and show bleeding diathesis similar to GT patients have been considered as a subgroup of GT (8).
Patient factors associated with an increased risk of vascular complications include hypertension, female sex, bleeding diathesis, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), age and obesity (2).
In a patient with a bleeding diathesis, a detailed personal and family bleeding history should he obtained before beginning a laboratory evaluation of platelet function.
Gideon Goldenberg, "Actants and Diathesis, Directions of Transitivity &c.
These contraindications were bleeding diathesis, bleeding history, active bleeding or associated trauma with potential bleeding, active intestinal ulcer, thrombocytopenia, liver disease, renal disorders, or allergy to heparin.
In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that the probability of leptospirosis should be considered in children presenting with jaundice, encephalopathy, multiple organ dysfunction and bleeding diathesis if there are any environmental risk factors.
Their concept is based on the comparable clinical features, the biological mechanisms they have in common, and on evidence that the two disorders have a shared diathesis.
In addition, the new model identifies three different neurobiological systems that could play a role in diathesis (organic predisposition) to suicidal behaviour.
NTD, Down syndrome, congenital malformation, mental or physical retardation, thalassaemia, bleeding diathesis or other genetic syndrome, etc.
23) This deficiency has an autosomal recessive inheritance, usually diagnosed by a concomitant prolongation of the PT and aPTT in patients who have had a bleeding diathesis.
These signs clearly reflected viral-induced endothelial damage triggering disseminated intravascular coagulation and a hemorrhagic diathesis commonly described in sheep and cattle (2).
These cognitive and emotional responses occur with more or less intensity depending on the importance of the transition, the social and psychological supports available, the coping mechanisms used, and the diathesis (vulnerability) of the individual.