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constitutional predisposition to a particular disease or abnormality

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Factor V (Quebec): a bleeding diathesis associated with a qualitative platelet factor V deficiency.
Claessen and Cowell,[4] in their study found bleeding diathesis in 19% of patients.
They had developed hepatic encephalopathy and bleeding diathesis in their final hours.
On familial gouty diathesis associated with cerebral and renal symptoms in a small child.
The present purchase is made as part of the health program of the Minister of Health under the name "National Programme for Treatment of Hemophilia and Related bleeding diathesis for the years 2012-2018.
Compared with the control group, the vitamin C group had significantly less appetite loss, nausea, fatigue, depression, sleep disorders, dizziness, and hemorrhagic diathesis, during conventional therapy, in the aftercare phase, or both.
Preexisting medical conditions, smoking, long-term medication, allergic diathesis, or the like were negated.
Consequently, they lead to thrombocytopenia and generally to bleeding diathesis (1,2).
The harried executive who developed an ulcer was a widely accepted profile of an ulcer diathesis.
The dry matrix agents (ORC, MC, gelatin, and MPS) are most useful in slowly bleeding areas or in patients with a bleeding diathesis.
It emerged that Perceived Control is important in that it can prevent low achievers from developing depressive symptoms, in line with both the competence model of depression and the diathesis stress model (Cole et al.
3) A shared genetic diathesis also leads to the association of PTSD and other behavioral health disorders.
sup][1],[2] Many etiologies of SSEH have been reported, such as anticoagulant therapy, hypertension, voiding, cough, and bleeding diathesis.
Factor XIII (FXIII) deficiency is a rare inherited (autosomal recessive) bleeding disorder usually associated with a severe bleeding diathesis.