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a method of physical therapy that involves generating local heat in body tissues by high-frequency electromagnetic currents

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The contract is for the supply of medical materials, orthopedic, diathermy for the Surgical and endoscopic equipment for the Department of Urology at the type and quantity in accordance with Annex 1 to the tender documents and contracts - Price Form.
occupational health issues nurses face, eg the health risks of diathermy plumes.
She says she was later told she had suffered a burn from the diathermy pad which had caught fire as it was not being monitored while a nurse was changing a CD.
When the pack failed to control the epistaxis the patient would be taken to theatre for localisation of the bleeder and diathermy, or endoscopic sphenopalatine artery ligation.
Keywords: Chronic Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Short Wave Diathermy, Pain
Two other methods - cone biopsy and diathermy - also led to a chance of premature births.
Generally speaking, seniors tend to respond to three types of electrotherapy used in long-term care: electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and diathermy (which involves generating localized heat in body tissues).
Removal of symptomatic third- and fourth-degree hemorrhoids by either hemorroidopexy with the Proximate PPH stapler or hemorrhoidectomy with Liga-Sure bipolar diathermy achieves similar levels of postoperative pain, operative ease, and time until return to normal activities, according to a double-blind randomized study.
The National Institute for Clinical Excellence says operations that involve diathermy - where heat is used to remove tonsils and seal up the surrounding area - are much more likely to result in the patients bleeding after surgery.
Their results showed that operations that involved diathermy -where heat is used to remove tonsils and seal up the surrounding area -were much more likely to result in the patients bleeding after surgery.
The abnormal cells in the cervix may be destroyed using laser ablation or cold coagulation treatments or the abnormality may be cut away using loop diathermy or laser excision.
Rollerball diathermy utilizes a device that applies heat as it rolls across the surface of the uterine lining.
The inquest at Wrexham heard that at the most critical stage of the operation Mr Coakley was using a diathermy, an instrument heated by electrical charge which could cut the larynx while sealing blood vessels at the same time, when there was a sudden small explosion and flash fire coming from the operation site.
Tenders are invited for supply of ABG machine, Automatic Tissue processor, Bipolar Cautery (Diathermy), Cell counter - 5 Parts, Craniotomy Set, Diathermy With Vessel Sealing, Diagnostic Pure tone Audiometer, Defibrillator, Electrolyte Analyzer with lithium filter or lithium analyzer with ion selective electrode techniques, Elisa reader and Washer with Printer Automatic, ETO Sterilizers, Impedance Audiometer, Ventilators, X-ray Machine -100 Ma Portable, X-ray Machine -300 Ma, Autoclave Steam conserving Horizontal 5 or 6 bins, Flash Autoclave, OT Table, Two body Mortuary Cooler, Vacuum Extractor