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a method of physical therapy that involves generating local heat in body tissues by high-frequency electromagnetic currents

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p] of "initial" (stored at room temperature for several months) and "homogenized" (heated to 450 K and cooled to room temperature overnight) films was measured with the custom-made differential calorimeter with diathermal shells (12) (sample mass: 0.
Heat capacity ([Mathematical Expression Omitted]) in the interval 140-530 K was measured (mean error within the limits of 3-4%) by a custom differential calorimeter with diathermal shells (12) at a heating rate of 2 [degrees] C/min (sample mass [similar to]0.
p] was measured (relative error of a single run ~3%) with a home-made differential calot-imeter with diathermal shells (DCDS) (13, 14) in the temperature interval 150-420 K at a constant heating rare 2[degrees]/min.