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Synonyms for failure

Synonyms for failure

the condition of not achieving the desired end

one that fails completely

a cessation of proper mechanical functions

nonperformance of what ought to be done

a marked loss of strength or effectiveness

the condition of being financially insolvent

Synonyms for failure

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Data Source: Aldo-DHF randomized 422 patients with diastolic heart failure to treatment with spironolactone or placebo for 1 year.
Novel mechanism and role of angiotensin II induced vascular endothelial injury in hypertensive diastolic heart failure.
This condition can cause local inflammation which can result in fibrosis of the heart muscle and the development of diastolic heart failure (DHF).
Although we have a number of treatments for systolic heart failure, there are no approved treatments at all for diastolic heart failure, a deadly disease with a 60 percent mortality rate five years after diagnosis," said Dudley.
Based on our dialogue with the FDA, we believe that exercise tolerance is an approvable regulatory endpoint, in patients with systolic or diastolic heart failure.
6 A specific type of heart failure called diastolic heart failure (or heart failure with preserved ejection fraction) has no proven effective treatments available today.
The study showed treatment with irbesartan did not reduce the risk of death or hospitalization for cardiovascular causes among patients who had diastolic heart failure, nor did it improve any of the secondary clinical outcomes, including quality of life.
The definition of diastolic heart failure was based on two criteria: (1) the echocardiographically measured LVEF of >55%; and (2) echocardiographic evidence of abnormalities of left ventricular relaxation: E/A ratio <1.
Highlight new advances in diastolic heart failure including epidemiology, clinical diagnostic approaches, specific diseases, and effects of therapy for diastolic heart failure
The Company is also developing alagebrium, a proposed breaker of advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) for the treatment of systolic and diastolic heart failure.
Recent reports have also demonstrated that left ventricular (LV) diastolic function contributes to plasma BNP levels and thus the latter are useful in the diagnosis of diastolic heart failure (3).
Advancing The First Therapeutic Devices For Diastolic Heart Failure Into The Clinic
The first study evaluating Rheos Therapy in diastolic heart failure patients has begun in Europe.
HERZLIYA PITUACH, Israel -- CorAssist, a developer of novel therapeutic devices for Diastolic Heart Failure (DHF), announced today its flagship product, the ImCardia[TM], significantly improved DHF parameters in a first-of-its-kind preclinical study and has shown preliminary safety in two humans after three months follow up.
He serves on the American Board of Internal Medicine's (ABIM) sub-specialty board on cardiovascular disease and is a recognized leader in research on diastolic heart failure.