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a gap or vacant space between two teeth

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A breve sign indicates heavy stress while a semibreve signifies light stress, all presented in diastematic symbols which range over only two lines of the five-line staff.
Moreover, though manipulated through such straightforward devices as augmentation, diminution, inversion and contrapuntal combination, Stephan's themes undergo little diastematic, harmonic or rhythmic transformation no organic unfolding in the sense of the Schoengbergian developing variation.
As to the question of just what caused Stockhausen to choose this series, it is necessary rather to consider that in composition with groups diastematic shaping functions are no longer the primary use of the prearranged tone-row, but rather that its individual elements function as representatives of note groups, and are responsible for the determination of qualitative characteristics of these groups of notes.
Perhaps because Byzantine chant has been a diastematic staffless notation since its origins, a staff notation will never fully realize this music.
There was now available to the West a practical method of notating music that was fully diastematic, whose intervals represented precise numerical ratios that could be converted directly into sound via the monochord.