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a gap or vacant space between two teeth

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Perhaps because Byzantine chant has been a diastematic staffless notation since its origins, a staff notation will never fully realize this music.
There was now available to the West a practical method of notating music that was fully diastematic, whose intervals represented precise numerical ratios that could be converted directly into sound via the monochord.
The fourth essay returns to the Alleluia Dies sanctificavit, approaching first the early, adiastematic sources (thirteen are collated), and then the diastematic sources (twelve collated, with variants for many others listed).
A manuscript without shelfmark housed at the Benedictine convent of Santa Cruz de la Seros in Jaca, Spain, is the only antiphoner in diastematic Aquitanian neumes from twelfth-century Aragon and the only known manuscript from Santa Cruz de la Seros to survive.
Since the notation is diastematic with dry-point or colored lines indicating the pitches F, c, and occasionally b[flat], its transcription presents few difficulties.