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a gap or vacant space between two teeth

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euryodon, which has four relatively small premolars, separated from each other by diastemata.
9% of the horses examined were found to have at least one abnormal gap between their cheek teeth, which enables food to get trapped and can consequently cause painful gum infection, a condition called Diastemata.
Differs from Anthracokeryx, North American Bothriodon, Aepinacodon and Arretotherium, and Euro-American Elomeryx and African Bothriogenys in possessing a strong postprotocristid, tooth rows without significant diastemata between canine and P/1 and/or P/1-P/2, relatively simple P/2-P/3 with posterior cingulid slight, P/4 only slightly elaborated by a strong protocristid and lacking posterior cingulid, premolar lingual cingula absent, molar paracristid ending near base of metaconid and unconnected to anterior cingulum, and molar postentocristid weak ( H.
All the teeth were smaller and did not show diastemata, or gaps between the teeth.
86[degrees] of maxillary canine uprightness, which would not be favorable to orthodontic compensation, because it would result in diastemata that should be closed through aesthetic restoration treatment or anterior teeth retraction.