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separation of an epiphysis from the long bone to which it is normally attached without fracture of the bone

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Sectioning studies by Pennal and coworkers (26) found that cutting the pubic symphyseal ligaments resulted in a diastasis of up to 2.
Common CT manifestations include dural infiltration of the disease, which may lead to sutural diastasis.
A performance by the Diastasis Vocal Ensemble and dance group.
Their results demonstrate that a laparotomy further destabilized an open--book pelvic injury and subsequently increased pelvic volume and pubic diastasis.
All of the described cases involved congenital inferior tibiofibular diastasis (probably Weber type II1).
Sprains without fracture can be further sub-classified into those which are "latent", and thus diastasis appears only with stress radiographs, and those which are "frank", necessitating that widening of the distal tibiofibular joint space be visible with unstressed radiographs.
They concluded that a suture endobutton was perhaps the ideal implant to stabilize the disrupted syndesmosis due to its strength to resist diastasis and allow early mobilization during healing, yet still allows physiologic micromotion of the tibiofibular joint.
Table 1: Classification of tibial hemimelia: Newer (Weber) classification 1 Tibial hypoplasia II Tibial diastasis III (III (a), III (b)) Distal tibial aplasia IV (IV (a), IV (b)) Proximal tibial aplasia V (V (a), V (b)) Bifocal tibial aplasia VI (VI (a), VI (b)) Tibial agenesia with double fibula VII (VII (a), VII (b)) Tibial agenesia with a single fibula Older classification I (a) Tibia not seen.
Performers at this year's event, on September 12, include Cyprus Eurovision entrant John Karayiannis, Diastasis, Maria-Elena Kyriakou, dancer Svetlana Zakharova and Bayan Mix.
She had a round face with deep nasal bridge, long philtrum, anteverted nostrils, thin upper lip, short neck, short chest, protuberant abdomen, diastasis recti, normal female genitalia, and no organomegaly.
The Diastasis vocal group, dance group and childrens' choir will be responsible for said goosebumps at 8pm on both days at the Pattihio Theatre when the Big Time Musicals performance will be underway.
She shared that she has diastasis recti, which means that her stomach muscles widened due to pregnancy.
A diagnosis of intrapartum pubic symphysis diastasis (PSD) was made, and the patient was given analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and bed rest in lateral decubitus position.
Background: Diastasis recti is a significant musculoskeletal disorder usually found during pregnancy and postpartum; however, there is insufficient information on the efficacy of therapeutic exercise in the reduction of postpartum diastasis recti.
Cystogram showed no vesicoureteral reflux, but congenital diastasis of the pubic symphysis was detected in voiding cysto-uretrography (Figure 1).