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the body of Jews (or Jewish communities) outside Palestine or modern Israel

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the dispersion of the Jews outside Israel

the dispersion or spreading of something that was originally localized (as a people or language or culture)

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For its part, JBDC will be using the opportunity to gain insight into the buying patterns and information gathering sources of the members of the Diaspora.
He said the study concluded that the diaspora groups and individuals who were de-proscribed recently were not involved in terrorism related activities over the past three years.
VMRO-DPMNE, on the other hand, believes the Diaspora is an integral part of Macedonia and insists that it be still allowed to elect three representatives.
th], Kagame will be meeting more than 4,000 Rwandans in Diaspora and friends of Rwanda, living in the Netherlands and around Europe to celebrate the country's progress.
One of the key challenges is to widely link diaspora organisations so that they can strive for their development goals in a co-ordinated and more efficient manner.
SDSM assess that the value of votes given in the Diaspora and in the state must match, the Diaspora MP must collect at least 80 percent of the necessary votes to become a MP in Macedonia.
However, with the turn of the millennium, among the South Sudanese in the diaspora and in the United State, Canada and Australia in particular, the "Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan" became the most easily identified element of the diaspora; this group has become the grown up "Lost Boys and Girls" today.
Global Diasporas and Mission covers various ethnic groups and regions, such as the Japanese diaspora in Brazil, the South Asian diaspora in the Persian Gulf, the Korean diaspora in the United States, and the African diaspora in Germany.
The definition of diaspora varies greatly, as do the groups to which the term is applied.
Like countries such as Serbia, Ireland has effectively mapped and exploited its "diaspora capital" with so called diaspora direct investment (DDI) seen as being just as important as foreign direct investment.
Kurdish diaspora held a peaceful rally in Bishkek demanding to stop genocide in Syria's Kobani.
Under the leadership and management of Dr Roland Holou, DiasporaEngager, the World's #1 International Diaspora Engagement Network Platform (www.
Brown told the launch of the North East United States leg of the "Mapping Jamaica's Diaspora Project" that this level of inflow from the Diaspora continues to demonstrate its commitment to the country.
Talented young members of the African diaspora in Britain can now take part in a year-long course of leadership skills training, management, media and campaigning skills, called Diaspora Changemakers.
The paper analyzes on its front page the diaspora vote of the Balkan countries including Macedonia and the effects of it.