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of or relating to diarrhea

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The letter states: "As a precautionary measure, Public Health England advise that any parent whose child develops a diarrhoeal illness in the next ten days should contact their GP.
Description : The project provides institutional support to the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh (icddr,b), a non-profit international health research, service, and training institution.
As the world observes the sixth Global Handwashing Day on Tuesday, United National Fund for Children (UNICEF) emphasizes that the simple act of washing hands with soap can save precious lives of 320 Pakistani children who die every day due to diarrhoeal diseases-the leading cause of mortality for children under the age of five in the country.
Globally, an estimated 2,000 children under the age of five die every day from diarrhoeal diseases and of these some 1,800 deaths are linked to water, sanitation and hygiene, the UN agency said as the international community is to mark World Water Day, which falls on Friday this year.
FIVE pupils from a Cardiff high school are thought to have contracted a diarrhoeal illness while on an Easter trip.
The WHO recognized this Institute as WHO Collaborative Centre for Research and Training on Diarrhoeal Diseases in 1980.
Along with an HIV test, those participating were also provided a CarePack(TM) containing a PermaNet(R) bed net, a LifeStraw(R) water purifier, condoms and educational material for the prevention of malaria, diarrhoeal disease and HIV respectively.
To measure the effect of breastfeeding on hospitalisation for diarrhoeal and LRTI's in the first eight months after birth in the UK, a random 2-stage sample of 15,890 healthy, singleton, term infants who were born in 2000-2002 were drawn from Child Benefit registers at age nine months.
9m in research grants by the European Union (EU) to demonstrate that the process can be effective in preventing diarrhoeal diseases like cholera.
Effects of El Nino and ambient temperature on hospital admissions for diarrhoeal diseases.
Key topics covered include avian influenza, SARS and hMPV; other viral infections such as hepatitis and HIV/AIDS; infectious agents responsible for diarrhoeal disease in Western and developing countries; and other infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.
He said that washing hands with water is simply not enough but hand washing with soap especially, before preparing food and after using the toilet is among the most effective and inexpensive ways to prevent diarrhoeal diseases.
While non-O1, non-O139 strains have caused sporadic disease globally, the virulence mechanisms are not fully understood, since most of these strains lack TCP and CT," said the researchers from Harvard Medical School and the International Center for Diarrhoeal Research in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
warned against the increased risk of diarrhoeal diseases in the
Disease burden from diarrhoeal diseases, intestinal parasites and schistosomiasis, measured by deaths and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs).