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of or relating to diarrhea

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Ecological analysis of digestive cancer mortality related to contamination by diarrhetic shellfish poisoning toxins along the coasts of France.
For a discussion of the scatology of "Al tumulo del Rey Felipe II en Sevilla" in relation to reports of Philip II's diarrhetic death, see Graf, "Escritor/Excretor.
SHELLFISH beds in Swansea Bay were closed yesterday after samples proved positive for diarrhetic shellfish poisoning (DSP).
Amnesic, Diarrhetic and Paralytic are the main types of what poisoning?
Included here are those forms that cause paralytic shellfish poisoning as well as diarrhetic, amnesic, and neurotoxic shellfish poisoning and other illnesses.
A council spokesman said: "Routine shellfish sampling by food safety officers from Regulatory Services revealed a high level of diarrhetic shellfish poisoning toxin in the mussels on the shore line in Rhos on Sea.
Perhaps the best-publicized metabolites are those that contribute to neurotoxic (NSP), paralytic (PSP), amnesic (ASP), and diarrhetic (DSP) shellfish poisoning syndromes in humans (Yasumoto and Murata, 1993).
Integrated enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay screening system for amnesic, neurotoxic, diarrhetic, and paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins found in New Zealand.
asa Causal Agent of Acute Diarrhetic Syndrome in Children Under Six Years of Age
14) The obscene idea that Sicinius and Brutus are talking asses gets focused in this subsequent diarrhetic accusation of Menenius against the tribunes: "When you are hearing a matter between party and party, if you chance to be pinched with the colic, you make faces like mummers, set up the bloody flag against all patience, and, in roaring for a chamber pot, dismiss the controversy bleeding, the more entangled by your hearing" (II.
Cannavale is ultimately winning as the kind of verbal diarrhetic you don't want to find in the next seat just as you're hoping to settle in with a good book on a plane or train, and Williams has some sweet moments as the desirable femme who confides in Fin.
The unidentified substance caused positive reactions to the diarrhetic shellfish poisoning test," said an FSA spokesperson.
Diarrhetic fecal matter can result in dangerous bacteria spreading throughout the water.
The prevalence of Cryptosporidium in diarrhetic and nondiarrhetic stools requires further investigation.