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of or relating to diarrhea

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Detection of group B rotaviruses in fecal samples from diarrheic calves and adult cows and characterization of their VP7 genes.
Diarrheic shellfish poisoning due to toxic mussel consumption: the first recorded outbreak in Greece.
The diarrheic shellfish poison (DSP) toxin okadaic acid leads to self-limiting gastrointestinal symptoms, and cases of poisonings from this toxin are probably dramatically underreported (Baden et al.
Edgy from coffee nerves, verbally diarrheic, a study in hip geekiness or geeky hipness, Tarantino's personality is on display in dozens of print interviews and talk shows, and it's the same one he gives all his characters.
cases of severe stomach problems from eating shellfish are caused by a newly described toxin called diarrheic shellfish poison (DSP), rather than by bacteria and viruses as previously thought.
Occurrence of okadaic acid, a major diarrheic shellfish toxin, in natural populations of Dinophysis spp.
The aim of present study was to determine the prevalence rate of Coccidiasis in diarrheic calves in East-Azerbaijan province.
After weaning, young pigs are submitted to a variety of nutritional, environmental and social stressors, which often lead to growth depression and post-weaning diarrheic syndrome (Ravindran and Kornegay, 1993).
1998), which closely resemble the symptoms associated with diarrheic shellfish poisoning (DSP).
Antimicrobial therapy reduces shedding of the Vibrio cholerae bacillus in feces from [greater than or equal to] 5 days to 1-2 days, thereby reducing the volume of diarrheic stool and the duration of illness, hastening recovery, and decreasing the chances of disease spread.
Both sexes of foals were infected with Cryptosporidium parasites, but prevalence were higher in diarrheic than in non-diarrheic foals.
hominis subtype IaA14R4 (21 diarrheic and 13 nondiarrheic cases) was significantly associated with diarrhea (p = 0.
We collected 456 fecal samples from diarrheic calves (mean age 9 days, median 8 days) from 415 farms in Burgundy, France, during December 2005 through September 2008 to screen for these viruses: 1 sample each was collected for 377 outbreaks; 2 and 3 samples were collected for 35 and 3 outbreaks, respectively.
Whole diarrheic feces were collected 3-4 times and pooled individually.