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In Dakar, during the study describing ordinary and opportunistic enteropathogens associated with diarrhea in adults (5), stool samples were collected from five HIV-infected adults with watery chronic diarrhea.
pneumoniae strains isolated from the two participants with watery chronic diarrhea induced the accumulation of fluid in ligated rabbit ileal loops, and the HEp-2-adherent strains isolated from three of the participants with mild chronic diarrhea carried the astA gene, which is associated with pathogenic EAEC.
The medical community is faced with increasing rates of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea in the hospital setting accompanied by high rates of relapse, creating challenges for the healthcare community including longer hospital stays and higher costs," stated Dale Gerding, M.
Ramoplanin is currently being studied for two indications: a Phase III clinical trial for the prevention of VRE bloodstream infections and a Phase II study for the treating Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea.
Furthermore, an estimated 75% of all IBS sufferers experience recurrent or chronic diarrhea.
For the recurrent diarrhea that is estimated to effect as many as 75% of IBS suffers, patients use one or more anti-motility medications such as over the counter Imodium or prescription medications such as Lomotil.
However, for the treatment of secretory diarrhea, the low-absorptive properties of Provir are an advantage, enabling the drug to act directly on the effected intestinal cells.
Lisa Conte, Shaman's president and chief executive officer, stated, "Based on compelling preclinical data and the advice of outside clinical experts, we are enthusiastic about Provir's commercial potential and will initiate Phase II trials for the treatment of secretory diarrhea promptly.
Carlson, "that so many individuals suffer in silence from serious diarrhea, including medication-induced diarrhea, chemotherapy/radiation-induced diarrhea, HIV-related diarrhea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and others of severe consequence.
NSF and SP-303 have also been shown to be equally safe and effective for the treatment of watery diarrhea in clinical studies.
By adding the new Learning Center to Shaman's network, we are now able to help the diarrhea health community share experiences and learn solutions to this debilitating problem that threatens quality of life," said Lisa Conte president and CEO of Shaman.