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someone who keeps a diary or journal

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Pressing the point, Coetzee's interest in the representation of the real in Australia is not so much conveyed as reinforced, from Slow Man on, through appropriate, as if bespoke, media: the relative realism of the first part of Slow Man, at least up until its self-reflexive chiasmus; the essayistic and diaristic commentaries of Diary of a Bad Year, its as if "real" hypotextual underpinnings.
Where I Stay is a novel of almost pure voice, told in diaristic fragments coupled with photographs whose captions are drawn from other moments in the time of the narrative.
Lejeune's diaristic approach isn't without its downsides, though: for one, the collection gets repetitive as Lejeune introduces the hallmarks of the genre to a variety of audiences over twenty years; the most significant disadvantage, however, is that Lejeune records his impressions of texts much more than he allows the reader to access them through direct quotation.
How many of you read Geoff Ganney's diaristic "Growing Pains" first when the Mushroom Journal arrived?
write this diaristic observation presumably about preparing class, in
The obsessively diaristic approach may suggest that Kawara's art is based on autobiography, as (which Lucy Lippard famously remarked) "a kind of self-reassurance that that artist does, in fact, exist.
Vidal dislikes Wilson's clinical diaristic record of his sexual irruptions.
It is a "deliberation" against the diary that itself deploys many of the conventions of diaristic writing, including, especially, the somewhat confessional tone and the strong authenticating force of personal history.
Bremer's sincere zeal as one of the more constructive and idealistic 'neo-conservatives' justifying the invasion is worth reading, but his over-enthusiastic, sometimes crass insider's memoir (peppered with diaristic entries about important meetings with the President, 'Condi' Rice et al) only serves to remind us of how grossly the Bush team mis-judged the Iraq situation, and it presents a 'star-spangled; rosy-eyed view of Iraq's slow progress on 'the rough road to democracy' and to a nominally sovereign Iraq.
Mekas's approach to diaristic filmmaking has a sincerity of course that stands in striking contrast to Onodera's frivolous use of the first-person pronoun "I".
These place names clearly serve, on one level, to create a sense of diaristic realism, of the poet's persona at large in a world of contemporary objects and encounters (although they also contribute, on another level, to a sense of the potentially inauthentic or culturally superficial relationships in this commercialized world).
Things go horribly wrong, however, when Beryl's cinematic enthusiasm and video- diaristic approach clash with the expectations of the wedding party.
The director's choice of addressing the viewer directly through Jimi's agreeable and diaristic voice-over has the function of soliciting the viewer's sympathy for the main character and his enduring adolescent angst, thus identifying with him and his circumstances.
Frick's evidence derives from substantive archival searches and from diaristic accounts of the period.