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someone who keeps a diary or journal

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In addition to focusing each chapter solely on one of the five diarists, Brenner provides subsections that reveal the diarists' backgrounds, thus providing context to the philosophical and personal ideals to which each author clung.
The focus on these early diaries grows out of Lounsberry's lifelong work on Woolf's entire diary oeuvre; not only has she read and reread all of Woolf's thirtyeight diary books, but she has also tracked down and seems to have read the sixtysix diarists she can be certain Woolf read.
DIARIST Ex-MP Chris Mullin with volume one and, left, volume two
If they prefer to express themselves by writing their emotions and ideas in personal diaries, who are these diarist teacher trainees?
She plays a real-life 19th century Yorkshire landowner, traveller and diarist, who has also been called Britain's first modern lesbian.
The most famous diarist of the archive used by Hinton is Nella Last, whose diary has long been utilised by historians to understand the middle-class British female war mentality.
Although the NAR editor concealed the diarist's identity and deleted the names of some persons the diarist mentioned, the diary appeared to offer verbatim accounts of behind-the-scenes discussions at the very highest levels during the greatest crisis the country had yet faced.
To discover a World War I diary in a shoebox in an auction is every historian's dream and when that diary was illustrated by the diarist himself then the new-found cake comes with icing.
In its last annual report," the diarist wrote, amused, "the 'smoothies' gave us this chin-scratching [insight]: the only thing outstripping revenue growth over the past few years was the increase in the number of beards at company HQ".
MADE to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on January 27, this BBC series about the girl diarist has been a huge hit.
From Larissa MacFarquhar's article "Dear Diarist," published in the August 8 and 15 issue of The New Yorker
Self-deprecation is common, a "fake modest" attitude which in fact projects the image of the diarist as a clear-sighted observer, and controls the excesses of sentimental egotism.
Kearney herself eventually became former President Bill Clinton's (who wrote the book's Foreword) personal diarist.
In the words of diarist Samuel Pepys, Kynaston in drag was always ``the prettiest woman in the whole house.
There are forty-four Friend diaries in the National Library which show him not only as an important painter, but as a fine writer and an excellent diarist.