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someone who keeps a diary or journal

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rst commented upon by local clergyman and diarist, Philip Henry, in 1684 who wrote : "I heard of a murther in Salop on Sabb.
All I could think was thank God the Eton-educated Tory MP and diarist Alan Clark was long gone into the ether.
5 ENGLISH gardener and diarist John Evelyn mentioned it in his diary in 1664 spelling it sellery.
To discover a World War I diary in a shoebox in an auction is every historian's dream and when that diary was illustrated by the diarist himself then the new-found cake comes with icing.
Former Tory Chancellor Lord Lamont said of the Old Etonian former Minister, wag, diarist, scholar and self-confessed womaniser: "He was the most politically incorrect, outspoken, iconoclastic and reckless politician of our times.
The 82-year-old leftwing activist and prolific diarist is to speak on the topic War, Religion and Democracy.
I HAVE a real affection for Pepys,'' says SteveCoogan, who plays the great diarist,naval strategist and serial adulterer,in the first major television portrayal of Pepys's life.
In this splendid biography of the great seventeenth-century diarist the author has chosen a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson's comments on Pepys as her subtitle: Stevenson was writing about Pepys' sincerity which made his diary 'a miracle among books'.
The diarist, Samuel Pepys, once visited a synagogue on this day.
The diarist was cynical in his observations which gives them an edge that is entertaining and sometimes incisive.
The Daily Mail diarist was fined pounds 1,500, banned for two years and told to pay pounds 840 court costs.
It was part of a collection from the archive of 17th century diarist John Evelyn and his family, acquired by the library in 1995.
FURTHER to your diarist Mr Brocklebank's comments,I too have several times noted the model of the so-called``Fourth Grace'' displayed in Liverpool Vision's window, while walking along St John's Lane.
Furious diarist Nigel Dempster called the Mirror yesterday to deny hitting a photographer at his drink-driving case.
DAILY MAIL diarist Charles Sale got himself a bit worked up by a satirical piece in our sister publication The Kop this week.