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Synonyms for diary



Synonyms for diary

a daily written record of (usually personal) experiences and observations

a personal journal (as a physical object)

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Katie Lyall, community and events fundraising manager at The British Lung Foundation, said: "The personalised training diaries have been a great way to help our runners prepare for their challenge.
The other half acted as a control group and did not keep diaries.
School Diaries Ltd designs and prints a range of educational materials for schools, specialising in school diaries and planners.
The study comes as My Mad Fat Diary is poised to become an Adrian Mole style hit for author Rae Earl whose real life teenage diaries have been adapted for the series.
Incompleteness of some diaries and a lack of specificity for migraines with aura were among the reported problems.
Lord Dacre told the conference in Hamburg, West Germany, there was now some doubt over the origin of the diaries.
In the 1990s, intensive care patient diaries were reported in the UK (Combe, 2005; Robson, 2008), and have since emerged in Switzerland, Italy and Portugal (Jones et al.
Both men wrote of their experiences, with Che's being discovered in some diaries long after his death.
At first peasant diaries as interesting historical sources had all the attention, as can be seen in the title chosen in 1989 for the annual news-letter: Research on Peasant Diaries or Forschungen zur Bauerlichen Schreibebuchern, since then published by the International Association for the Research on Peasant Diaries or Internationale Assoziation fur die Erforschung bauerlicher Schreibebucher.
The Small Details of Life: 20 Diaries by Women in Canada, 1830-1990.
The most famous is the so called `Maybrick Diary', the diaries of Liverpool cotton merchant James Maybrick, in which he apparently confesses to be the Ripper.
Yet she is also an introspective woman, who is a guardian angel to her foster sisters, reflecting on her experiences in deeply personal diaries.
The authors of the other two sailors' diaries the editor has found, of which only one is published (Paul E.
Carter, the editor of this compilation of twenty diaries written in English by Canadian women, is well acquainted with the genre, as she uncovered five hundred archived diaries during work for her bibliography Diaries in English by Women in Canada.
rights to the Congo diaries, then one of publishing's holy grails.