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When all of the data -- much of it provided by deBraga, whose research focuses on Paleozoic reptiles -- was crunched through the computer, "we found that turtles flipped from anapsid to diapsid," Rieppel explains.
2004): The relationships among diapsid reptiles and the influence of taxon selection.
1996): The diapsid reptile Pachystropheus rhaeticus, a probable choristodere from the Rhaetian of Europe.
Living reptiles and birds have two holes in the sides of their skulls and are termed diapsids.
Turtles fell squarely within the modern diapsids rather than in their expected position on a branch outside the group, the scientists report in the Nov.
Their results lend support to a 1996 analysis of reptile fossils, which also suggested that turtles evolved from diapsids, says Olivier C.