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a domed rock formation where a core of rock has moved upward and pierced through the more brittle overlying strata

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This phase of modest passive diapirism would have been driven by localized differential loading that would have created the diapir and kept its crest at or near the sediment surface, possibly creating a subtle paleotopographic high (Al-Zoubi and ten Brink 2001; Banham and Mountney 2013, 2014).
Jurassic salt deposition results in salt diapirism (Fig.
GC234 and GB425 are in the geologically and bathymetrically complex Garden Banks and Green Canyon regions characterized by active salt diapirism, associated faulting (Bouma et al.
Most Maykopian outcrops are tied with phenomena of diapirism, which have caused the deposits to be in the surface or down along the kernels of numerous diapiric folds.
Its geometry and composition record variations in original breakup geometry, sediment source, sediment type, sediment supply, climate, ocean circulation, sea level, and dynamic sedimentary processes such as salt diapirism, compaction, burial diagenesis, landslides, and other mass-wasting features.
Diapirism in the Gachsaran was introduced by O'Brien [19] to explain decoupling between the preand post-Gachsaran level.