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a domed rock formation where a core of rock has moved upward and pierced through the more brittle overlying strata

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2009) Identification of Diapiric Provinces of Central Iran through Geological and Geographical Analysis, International Journal of Agriculture Environment & Biotechnology.
The diapiric process and glaciotectonic disturbances may have been favoured by altitude differences in the Viru plateau and at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland, which generated the change of load and increase in the pressure on the edge of the ice cover.
Diapiric cavities commonly contain calcite alone or in combination with prehnite.
However, research indicates that magmatic modal layers may originate through many other processes (Naslund and McBirney 1996), including, for example, diapiric ascent and synmagmatic deformation (e.
The seismic profiles contain a section of uniformly bedded sediments, and apparently deep seated diapiric features.
Most Maykopian outcrops are tied with phenomena of diapirism, which have caused the deposits to be in the surface or down along the kernels of numerous diapiric folds.
Examples of diapiric control on shelf topography and sedimentation patterns on the Colombian Caribbean continental shelf.
Coal in the Sangatta area is sub-bituminous, except for the higher rank coals mined by Kaltim Prima over the Pinang Dome (a diapiric dome).
Most Maykopian out-crops are tied with phenomena of diapirism, which have caused the deposits to be in the surface or down along the kernels of numerous diapiric folds.
A salt diapiric dome was documented as well, not reported by any previous worker.
Many scientists think that hotspots mark locations where diapiric convection cells, called mantle "plumes", rise beneath lithospheric plates (Morgan, 1971; Wilson, 1973).
In addition, the shales associated with the rollover faults are commonly over-pressured and diapiric, adding to structural development in the overburden and increasing the seal on faults.
The regional geology has been reviewed by Francois (1987) in a comprehensive synthesis, surveyed by Gauthier and Francois (1989) In a following paper, Francois (in de Magnee and Francois, 1988) has laid particular stress on the role played by Roan evaporites and their diapiric ascent in various kinds of tectonic ruptures of the Kundelungu covering, followed by collapse brecciation, to explain peculiarities like the dislocation of the three lower Roan groups in a megabreccia and the cropping out of this megabreccia as fragments, often of large size, which can be mingled with blocks of the Kundelungu Supergroups, as in cases of partial scraping of an anticline flank.