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the main (mid) section of a long bone


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In the proximity of the diaphysis the hypertrophic chondrocytes (CH) enter into apoptosis, left an ECM scaffold for the bone tissue in formation (van der Eerden et al.
Knight and Purvis reported 71% unsatisfactory results in those forearm diaphysis fracture treated conservatively.
In our study, the male 17-64 age group had the highest percentages of the following fractures: calcaneus (59%), carpus (50%), clavicle (47%), distal tibia (32%), femoral diaphysis (35%), finger phalanges (60%), forearm (38%), metacarpals (67%), metatarsals (51%), midfoot (50%), patella (35%), proximal forearm (38%), scapula (51%), sesamoid (100%), talus (65%), tibial diaphysis (65%), and toe phalanges (46%).
Relationship between fetal femur diaphysis length and neonatal crown-heel length: the effect of race.
5 per 100,000 with 40% occurring at the tibial diaphysis.
Four weeks later, he developed extensive lytic lesion of proximal femur metaphysis with onion skin periosteal reaction in diaphysis in spite of intravenous antibiotics.
Distribution of the fractures according to the anatomical region Fracture The most The second common side (%) most common side (%) Radius Distal (80) Proximal (10) Femur Proximal (70) Diaphysis (18) Humerus Proximal (45) Distal (37) Pelvis Ramus Pubis (38) Acetabulum (23) Fracture The third The most common rarest (%) side (%) Radius Diaphysis (9) Diaphysis (9) Femur Distal (12) Distal (12) Humerus Diaphysis (18) Diaphysis (18) Pelvis Sacrum (21) Iliac crest (18)
Radiology revealed a radiopaque lesion in the distal region of the upper arm extending to the diaphysis.
Fracture of a transfixed intramedullary nail in a patient with pseudoarthrosis of the femoral diaphysis.
We decided to drill the bone and use negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), but granulation grew very slowly, especially at diaphysis level, [greater than or equal to] 7 weeks of NPWT therapy.
Stress fracture of the radius diaphysis in a skeletally immature wrestler.
The distribution of bony lesions can aid diagnosis, with lower limbs and clavicles commonly affected as seen in this case although the diaphysis involvement is relatively uncommon.
1] The blood supply to the femoral diaphysis is provided by one or two nutrient arteries arising from the profunda femoris artery branch of femoral artery.
The bilateral tibiae uptake was very inhomogeneous, lytic areas on the right anterior tuberosity and left diaphysis suggesting a possible association with LCH or Rosai-Dorfman Disease (RDD) [2, 8].