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Synonyms for diaphysial

relating to the diaphysis of a bone


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Conclusion: Open diaphysial tibial fractures of gustilo type IIIB in the middle third of tibia were common in males of age group 31-40 years.
Outcome of intramedullary interlocking nail in diaphysial fracture of humerus.
Diaphysial nutrient foramina in human metacarpals and metatarsals.
DISCUSSION: This is a study of management of open tibial diaphysial fractures involving 50 patients and followed up over a period of maximum 30 months.
This study was conducted to evaluate the result of AO external fixator in open diaphysial fracture of tibia Gustilo type IIIA and IIIB.
INDICATION: In bone defect created by comminuted fracture of long bone of lower limb, metaphysial fracture of femur, diaphysial fracture of femur, metaphysio diaphysial fracture of femur, metaphysial fracture of tibia, metaphysio diaphysial fracture Tibia and diaphysial fracture of tibia.
Patients with both fresh and old diaphysial fractures of both bones of forearm.