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relating to the diaphysis of a bone


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For determination of bone Pb, we washed four flushed diaphyseal bones per group with PBS and incubated them in 3% hydrogen peroxide for 20 min.
Basset CAL, Mitchell SA, Gaston SA Treatment of ununited tibial diaphyseal fractures with pulsing electromagnetic fields.
It should be noted, however, that Ewing's is not limited to a diaphyseal location; in fact , it is often found in metaphyseal or metadiaphyseal locations.
Finally, avian bone consists of thin cortices, has a sparsity of trabecular bone, and has minimal tissue in the diaphyseal medullary canal.
In this case, no X- ray finding was determined, however, although there is no proven casual relationship, insufficiency fractures due to alendronate use are characterized by transverse fracture pattern, unicortical thickening and hypertrophied diaphyseal cortices (2,3).
SONK Atraumatic osteonecrosis Synonyms Primary necrosis, Secondary, idiopathic osteonecrosis osteonecrosis Age group Older patients, usually Younger patients, > 55 years usually < 55 years Patient Elderly female, with Young active profile moderate OA Presentation Acute Insidious onset and pain/acute-on-chronic slow progression pain Risk factors None Steroid/ethanol use, renal disease Joints Weight-bearing, usually Non-weight-bearing, involved unilateral commonly bilateral Location of Epiphyseal to Diaphyseal, bone subchondral surface metaphyseal, involvement epiphyseal T2-weighted Increased signal at Decreased signal at MRI margin, decreased signal margin with increased at centre of lesion signal of inner border - double-line sign
Diaphyseal aclasis, also termed Hereditary Multiple Exostosis (HME) or osteochondromatosis is characterised by multiple bony prominences that grow near joint lines throughout the skeleton.
Atypical subtrochanteric and diaphyseal femoral fractures: report of a task force of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research.
The researchers reviewed the radiographs for 1,448 of these fractures located in the diaphyseal region.
The unusual radiographic features observed were simple transverse or shortly oblique fractures with a unicortical spike along with cortical hypertrophy in the diaphyseal or subtrochanteric areas of the femur.
From the CT scans, the metaphyseal trabecular bone, epiphyseal trabecular bone, metaphyseal cortical bone and diaphyseal cortical bone were analyzed.
Data Source: 1,448 Kaiser California patients with a diaphyseal femur fracture, including 135 who met the atypical criteria.
The rare bone breaks are known as subtrochanteric femur fractures, just below the hip joint, and diaphyseal femur fractures, in the long part of the thigh.
Fifth metatarsal injuries include avulsion fractures of the peroneal brevis attachment, proximal diaphyseal (Jones) fractures and stress fractures.