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(music) the speed at which a composition is to be played

walking with slow regular strides

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The results indicate that ALS sufferers with respiratory failure should not receive diaphragmatic pacing as a routine treatment.
The diaphragmatic pacing device is an extraordinary leap forward and has tremendous potential for patients unable to maintain adequate minute ventilation due to diaphragmatic malfunction.
Synapse Biomedical, headquartered in Oberlin, OH, was founded in 2002 to bring their NeuRx[TM] platform of diaphragmatic pacing technologies to market.
Although the primary application for this system will be in conjunction with diaphragmatic pacing, applications independent of diaphragmatic pacing should be considered further.
In September 2011 under a Humanitarian Device Exemption, the Food and Drug Administration approved diaphragmatic pacing (DP) using direct intramuscular electrodes for the treatment of respiratory failure in patients with ALS.
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