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Synonyms for diaphragm

a mechanical device in a camera that controls size of aperture of the lens

(anatomy) a muscular partition separating the abdominal and thoracic cavities

a contraceptive device consisting of a flexible dome-shaped cup made of rubber or plastic

electro-acoustic transducer that vibrates to receive or produce sound waves

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These analyses used telephone interview data from 215 women who reported diaphragm use in the previous three months.
In contrast to other mature protocols for botulinum toxin A application, local botulinum toxin A injection into the diaphragm is a novel attempt.
With the approval of this evaluation report, the results of a major research program have affected practice by allowing precast concrete diaphragm systems without a topping to be used in regions of high seismicity," says PCI Managing Director of Technical Activities Jason Krohn.
2 We herein report a rare case of intra- thoracic kidney which was accompanied by diaphragm eventration.
While the 10th-rib fracture abutted the left diaphragm, the diaphragm appeared intact (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
The diaphragm is a sheet of muscle that has to contract and relax constantly to allow breathing.
8226; He can select the diaphragm direct part number.
Plastic diaphragm check valves a re two-port valves, meaning they have two openings--one for upstream fluid or gas to enter, and the other for the media to exit downstream.
During regular dissection classes for medical students, we identified duplicated right crus of the diaphragm in an approximately 55-years-old male cadaver of South Indian origin.
INTRODUCTION: Leiomyosarcoma of the diaphragm is very rare.
Dymax Corporation's new Model 475 valve dispensing systems utilize a pneumatic, normally closed diaphragm valve to accurately dispense low- to high-viscosity fluids, the company reports.