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The life-history of the walking stick, Diapheromera femorata Say.
2013 Beadle 1972 Carausius morosus Sinety -- -- Bordas 1897 Acanthoderus spinosus Gray, -- Yes Hermarchus pythonius Westwood, Sipyloidea erechtheus Westwood Caarels 2011 Extatosoma tiaratum Macleay No Yes Cameron 1912 Bacillus rossi Rossi Yes No Chopard 1949 Order Phasmatodea No No Clark 1976 Extatosoma tiaratum Macleay -- Yes de Sinety 1901 Carausius morosus Sinety Yes -- Heymons 1897 Bacillus rossi Rossi Yes No Judd 1948 Order Phasmatodea -- Yes Marshall & Diapheromera femorata Say No No Severin 1906 Monteiro et Cladomorphus phyllinus Gray No Yes al.
Intrasexual selection in the stick insects diapheromera veliei and D.
Predation and sperm competition in the evolution of coupling durations, particularly in the stick insect Diapheromera veliei.
Bradler (2009) listed the genera Diapheromera Gray, 1835, Megaphasma Caudell, 1903, Manomera Rehn & Hebard, 1907, Pseudosermyle Caudell, 1903, Litosermyle Hebard, 1919 and Sermyle Stal, 1875 (= Hoplolibethra Caudell, 1904) as belonging to Eusermyleformia.
Since Eusermyleformia contains Diapheromera Gray, 1835, the type-genus of Diapheromerini Kirby, 1904, Bradler's rank-free taxon represents what should in fact be regarded as the tribe Diapheromerini (sensu stricto).
Intrasexual aggression in the stick insects Diapheromera veliei and D.