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passage of blood cells (especially white blood cells) through intact capillary walls and into the surrounding tissue

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Chemoattractant factors, which include monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 produced by vascular wall cells in response to modified lipoproteins, direct the migration and diapedesis of adherent monocytes (24, 25).
Thromboxane mediates diapedesis after ischemia by activation of neutrophil adhesion receptors interacting with basally expressed intercellular adhesion molecule-1.
37) A more rigid vessel wall would facilitate mural disruption and necrosis, allowing diapedesis of erythrocytes and furthering formation of schistocytes and hemorrhage.
The presence of this enzyme in pallial fluid of both clams and oysters is likely a result of diapedesis of hemocytes into the mantle cavity and/or mantle epithelial cell secretions.
Current smokers generally showed increased signs of diapedesis and inflammation throughout the submucosa [see Fig.
Hemocytes with high concentration of Cu and Zn migrate by diapedesis across the mantle surface to the exterior.