diamond wedding

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the 60th wedding anniversary

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So when Patricia and Harvey, now 84, both retired civil servants, celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary at Aberdare Hall on Corbett Road they managed to fit in a dance to Vera Lynn's Anniversary Waltz.
Albert and Elizabeth Martin celebrat-|ing their diamond wedding anniversary at home in Saltburn, above and below, and sharing cherished pictures from their wedding album, inset top, above left, and right.
com, the online wedding jewelry specialist's solution is to invite its clients to try on exact, non-precious, replicas of up to 3 diamond wedding ring designs or diamond size options, Free for Five days.
Jean and Eddie, who have spent all of their married life in Coventry, celebrated their diamond wedding with a medieval banquet with family and friends.
Diamond wedding couple Harold and Hilde Evans (centre) with Flintshire Council chairman Quentin Dodd and his wife Adele
For next week retired welder Horace Bunn and his wife Margaret will be guests of the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh as they all celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.
One of the specially-invited diamond wedding couples, Barbara and Norman Moon, both 78, from Calverton, Nottingham, said they were delighted to be asked to attend.
Leo Whiten is one step closer to getting a hydro pool after his South Tyneside relatives collected pounds 700 at a party to celebrate their diamond wedding.
During the 10 minutes they were outdoors, an accomplice entered the house and stole a diamond wedding ring from the front room and $120 cash out of the woman's purse, police said.
Once, she presented a one-carat diamond wedding band to a client it, arguing that he had selected a different design.
The 18-carat gold Beckham Diamond Wedding Crown -set with 240 diamonds -was made for Victoria and lent to her on the big day.
And to make matters worse, they sold the dam, Diamond Wedding, a fortnight before that Newmarket triumph.
Not Sly Stallone - but a whopping big diamond wedding ring.
Buckingham Palace Shows Wedding Memorabilia and Gifts to Celebrate Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Diamond Wedding Anniversary
A CARDIFF couple who have seven daughters have paid tribute to their family ties as they celebrate their diamond wedding.