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a very hard small point made from a diamond

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As with Diamond Point Park, this site incorporated public archaeology as a way of educating people about this ancient place.
As the first quarter continued Derry gained a strangle hold on the game and another Diamond point stretched their advantage as Laois struggled to get into the game.
women who handles [sic] a goose quill with diamond point as handily as any of
It coordinates with a full line of sheets--toffee sateen, powder sateen, platinum sateen, ecru diamond point and powder velvet.
In 1936 it was owned by New Diamond Point Pen Company and in the 40's and 50's it was owned by Horn & Hardart who had offices in the upper floors and installed an automat on the ground floor.
Diamond Point International (Europe) Ltd has helped to pioneer the use of Fusion-io in Europe and is fully behind Fusion's bold step to expand the European team with such a noteworthy new leader," said John Vaines, managing director of Diamond Point International, a European reseller of Fusion-io technologies.
We will also give each of them a free application to the Diamond Point Co-Development Fund (www.
Shovels are offered with a diamond point for easier soil penetration, square blades for handling fine-size material, saw-tooth edged for cutting small roots, traditional round point, as well as trenching shovels for ditching and lightweight holed shovels (Swiss cheese-like) for aquatic jobs, and do not forget snow shovels.
A Cassidy free was followed with a Gavin Diamond point after he took advantage of a poor John Donaldson pass.
Each model includes an illuminating overhead light, as well as a built-in diamond point tool for truing and dressing the buffing wheel.
These are beautiful things and they have verses from the Jacobite anthem engraved on them in diamond point along with the cypher of James VIII, the Old Pretender.
The university rents canoes, kayaks, sailboats and bikes on the lake side of its football field, just south of Diamond Point Park at the end of 15th Street.
announces today the upcoming auction of 11 brand new townhomes and one cottage at the Diamond Point development in New Buffalo, Mich.
This initiative is being done in conjunction with In Focus Brands' Diamond Point Co-Development Fund Beta Launch (www.
Set the diamond point at a 10to 15-degree drag angle pointing in the direction of wheel rotation.