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In an analysis published in Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, the Harvard group explained that both diamond dust and alumina could achieve a cooling effect similar to, or greater than, that of sulfate sprays, and have less of an impact on the ozone layer.
Things are great at the moment and having my Monroe Diamond Dust Collection on display in London's Mayfair has been fantastic.
And he has created silkscreen images for his latest collection which he then embellished with sparkling diamond dust to give Marilyn the famous luminous quality she displayed on screen.
Sources told Heat Magazine that the 33-year-old reality star is covering her curves with the world's most expensive spray tan, which combines diamond dust with traditional aerosol tanning dye for her upcoming nuptials, the New York Daily News reported.
The vacuum's power nozzle is sprinkled with diamond dust, and it's topped off with a handle that's plated in silver.
These works may sound ghoulish, but Hirst's oeuvre is, of course, also splendidly carnivalesque: One could cite the spot and spin paintings, canvases faced with butterfly wings and real diamond dust, and other examples of his perversely cheerful aesthetic.
It contains diamond dust to add sparkle and acrylic to strengthen nails.
I met her in a town called Cumberland in Maryland on a beautiful clear morning with a deceptively blue sky and bright sunshine which turned the thick powdery snow into diamond dust.
Kennett said the diamond dust is found in six locations spanning North America from Arizona to South Carolina and into Canada.
The 12-product line is comprised of six professional hair care products and six styling formulations and pairs real diamond dust with linseed extract to deliver softness, manageability and instant shine, as well as antioxidant protection.
A The Luminous Dia Gloss lip gloss is the latest addition to Missha's M range and it contains luxurious diamond dust, fine pearl powder and platinum derivatives that promise to give lips a dazzling diamond-like shine like never before.
The steam dryer will be available in white, bisque, black and diamond dust, which is a grayish tone.
Using real diamond dust particles, this shimmer spray is designed to give added colour and sparkle to Christmas party hair styles.
The lure of diamond dust has been bandied around mining circles for years following the Canadian explosion of diamond production in the 1990s.
Coral: 2 Cosmo Bulk, 9-4 Valixir, 4 Vroom Vroom, 7 Bowman's Crossing, 12 Falstaff, 20 Chiquitin, Mount Street, Zankel, 25 King And King, 40 Big Easy, Terfel, 50 Diamond Dust, 66 War Horn.