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I think no better evidence of this can be required than that the two most experienced observers who have ever lived, namely, Kolreuter and Gartner, should have arrived at diametrically opposite conclusions in regard to the very same species.
There is nothing about him to hang one's esteem and affection upon; he is so diametrically opposite to what I imagined my husband should be.
This gentleman and Mr Thwackum scarce ever met without a disputation; for their tenets were indeed diametrically opposite to each other.
The practical effects of these two views are diametrically opposite: the first leads us to level up animal intelligence with what we believe ourselves to know about our own intelligence, while the second leads us to attempt a levelling down of our own intelligence to something not too remote from what we can observe in animals.
Paul and the Doctor were diametrically opposed to each other in opinion; the former declaring for an immediate appeal to arms, and the latter was warmly espousing the policy of pacific measures.
There are two diametrically opposing poles of opinion on this highly political and racially-charged issue.
Lastly, Dore Ashton adopted a diametrically opposed pitch in About Rothko.
No, what is to be built is a religious edifice diametrically opposed to ours in our land.
Tuesday's meeting between Gruevski and Crvenkovski will perhaps not offer a solution but it is important because two philosophers with two diametrically opposed political platforms sat down at a table.
For second to win at the two person game, he can simply play the complement of the First's play diametrically opposite it.
In fact, socialism is a type of society, hitherto untried, diametrically opposed to capitalism, that replaces the class ownership of land, factories, raw materials etc.
World War II encouraged scholars as well as politicians to view the systems of the winners and losers as diametrically opposed to each other, but he thinks we may be grown up enough now to face the facts.
The two situations are, however, diametrically opposite, and I say that from personal experience.
Usually those words are expressed by someone who holds a diametrically opposite point of view and feels, sometimes rather testily, the need to justify their argument.
How could the monopolistic "world government" he favored include such diametrically opposed systems as the United States and the Soviet Union?