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I think no better evidence of this can be required than that the two most experienced observers who have ever lived, namely, Kolreuter and Gartner, should have arrived at diametrically opposite conclusions in regard to the very same species.
There is nothing about him to hang one's esteem and affection upon; he is so diametrically opposite to what I imagined my husband should be.
The practical effects of these two views are diametrically opposite: the first leads us to level up animal intelligence with what we believe ourselves to know about our own intelligence, while the second leads us to attempt a levelling down of our own intelligence to something not too remote from what we can observe in animals.
On the other hand, the unanimous affirmative answer will be that the return to nature and socialism are diametrically opposed to each other.
Independently of these two principal streets, piercing Paris diametrically in its whole breadth, from side to side, common to the entire capital, the City and the University had also each its own great special street, which ran lengthwise by them, parallel to the Seine, cutting, as it passed, at right angles, the two arterial thoroughfares.
We are aware that BDI, with which we often have diametrically opposite views, is part of the government, but at this crucial moment for Macedonia, we may have to give support to the government for resolving the important issues, Gashi said.
Bassil deplored the presence of two diametrically opposed approaches in the country.
Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, said that "It's (Ultra Violet) also the most complex of all colors, because it takes two shades that are seemingly diametrically opposed - blue and red - and brings them together to create something new.
In today's episode we will hear two stories, from almost diametrically opposed perspectives, about the ways in which recognition and pride matter, especially when it comes to what we eat and drink.
Martin Romualdez said that from the start, the BBL was diametrically opposed to our Constitution, which made it tough to swallow for members of Congress.
Combined with a diametrically magnetized permanent magnet, in a QFN28 5 x 5mm package it can be used to create a robust, universal encoder for motor commutation and positioning.
Yes, he spoke eloquently as he positioned Labour diametrically away from the Conservatives and, yes, the sentiments he expressed will strike a chord with people all over the country.
According to media Reports, LHC Justice Khalid Mehmood Khan resumed hearing of the case on Tuesday when the counsel on the part of the petitioner was of the view that Punjab government diametrically failed to overcome fatal disease dengue as people are getting suffered from dengue with the passage of time.
The lawyers on the part of their clients, PPP and PTI, took the stance that local bodies elections in three provinces were being held on party basis while Punjab was insisting on holding elections on non-party basis which is diametrically against the Article 140-A of the Constitution.
I am non-aligned regards religion, but religion - whether it's united with or diametrically opposed to other religions - is alive and well across the globe.