diametrical opposition

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the relation of opposition along a diameter

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Some analysts see this as recognition by the presidents that they are dealing with a weak and unpopular leader who represents diametrical opposition to the region's current political and social trends.
This is in diametrical opposition to the BNP, which is a socialist party, and thinks that colour and race are the most important think in British politics, and who haven't quite got to grips with even the most basis economics.
He has brought a curious moral amalgam to the Canadian scene: the pursuit of an agenda that is in diametrical opposition to the teachings of his Church mixed in with a constant professing of faithfulness to that same Church.
The unique configuration of new models, different tastes, and clearly articulated theories--in addition to a backdrop of more religious, political, and social volatility--give rise to a theater which stands in almost diametrical opposition to the medieval tradition.
In diametrical opposition to Peter the Great's practice, Catherine showed a dis trust for Ukrainian bishops, especially after her secularization of Church lands in 1764 had met with fierce resistance by the Mitropolitan of Rostov, Arsenii Matseevich, a Ukrainian by origin.
Beneath the seemingly diametrical opposition of these two discourses is a largely unexamined common thread: Each assumes a rigid and "natural" division between races, and each is therefore fundamentally invested in recreating the color-line.
Indeed, the sympathetic tack of ``Robert Frost'' stands in almost diametrical opposition to Meyers' earlier biographies of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, in which he - much like Thompson with Frost - belittled his subjects by focusing on their personal foibles and follies.