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Synonyms for diametrical

Synonyms for diametrical

related to or along a diameter

characterized by opposite extremes

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Figure 9 below shows the diametrical shrinkage of PP tubes reinforced with 6% nanoclay.
The diametrical differences result from the comparison of the expenditures of the political parties during the individual years.
In Chapter One, Kalter juxtaposes John Dryden's manipulation of time against contemporary conceptions of chronology to suggest that the 'opposition between poetry and chronology becomes less diametrical and more dialectical' (30), and then examines Dryden's use of anachronism as a challenge to linear time.
And the ceramic twist figures in Tripod Tooter's cousin Twister in a bigger way, for not only is the teapot spout helically shaped, so too is the ridiculously tall neck of the vessel, twisting upward over the almost laughable volumetric nothingness of the pot itself resting on the tiny stubs of legs that are themselves the diametrical opposite of the long, elegant ones of Stilts.
This method involves loading a cylindrical specimen with vertical compressive loads; this generates a relatively uniform tensile stress along the vertical diametrical plane.
In the following pages, I use the metaphor 'hermaphrodite thinking' to refer to those manners and modes of thought that combine what appear to be diametrical opposites.
What we are witnessing right now is diametrical points of view.
Heaven and Hell are very closely linked, showing that there is a strong association between them for virtue of having conceptual proximity and being diametrical opposites.
United Kingdom, which had a great importance to this subject, European Court rejected all the arguments invoked and pronounced in the sense that article 2 could not be interpreted as the recognition of a diametrical opposed right, that is to die, without distorting the terminology used.
But the once warm relations between Iran and the religious government of Turkey have soured over the past year as a result of a number of frictions, such as the new US missile radar that Turkey has allowed to be deployed on its territory and the totally diametrical positions the two countries have on Syria.
The setting time had increased as more CPP-ACP was incorporated, while compressive and diametrical tensile strength values of the material had decreased slightly.
Obviously, this view of human beings is in diametrical opposition to that of traditional Christianity, which attributes human dignity to the divine spark each person carries within himself, and to his place in the hierarchical chain: his relationship to inorganic and inanimate objects, to the animals, to his fellow men, to the angels, and finally to the Creator, Such a creature has no need of "rights" or of "freedom"--an illusory notion in any case--though certain liberties, recognized over the centuries by both the Church and the state, are clearly appropriate to his nature.
The analysis eventually shows that what those two novels have in common is the questioning and reformulation of their respective protagonists' female identity, which stands in diametrical opposition to the stereotyped female identity constructed on patriarchal standards.
It is their splash of color or blaze of light which animates my diametrical opposites.
These arguments, as Mr Cooper has acknowledged, are so often diametrical opposite, not only do residents have their strongly held views but the government has its views and they cannot be ignored.