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Synonyms for diametric

Synonyms for diametric

related to or along a diameter

characterized by opposite extremes

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This made me want to document the entire [contrast], the diametric differences, capturing change as it happens and to share Lebanon's inspiring stories with the world," she says.
The shame, absurdity and contradiction of the award to a man who in word, deed and symbol is the diametric opposite of everything the nation's premier civil rights group stands for and has fought for are enough to draw a gag.
A second design method for CPS then is pretty much a diametric opposite: the platform-based approach is essentially an incremental design process in which you bring together proven elements step by step, so that at each point you know that what you have is going to work.
If this sounds like the Joseph Beuys of Life Course--Work Course, 1964, Geys is his diametric opposite in terms of personal mythmaking, having largely avoided the spotlight for much of his career.
8) More than two diametric crossings on the D15 results diagram was the recommended fail criterion.
While music has continually fused genres, Pat, who has also organised Yorkshire showcases at the SXSW Festival, is currently in the middle of two projects at the diametric opposite ends of the popular musical spectrum.
When you couple this to the work being done by groups such as the BioPhorum, where the "ballroom" concept of manufacturing facility design basis is evolving, it becomes easy to see that where we were and where we are going are diametric opposites--Bigfoot and Speed Racer.
Successive British reports (Solicitor General Wedderburn, 1772; Advocate General Marriott, 1774) were in nearly diametric opposition in their recommendations.
Moussawi draws on the history and theological underpinnings of Shia Islam to argue that in today's Iran, politics and religion are neither rigid nor in diametric opposition.
Think of him as the diametric opposite of, say, Nicolas Cage.
UBA's survey, which is nearly five times larger than the next largest health plan benchmarking survey, shows that CDHP cost savings appear to be overestimated at the national level as does their popularity, a finding diametric to what is often reported.
If Ben Forster was after a varied career then Jesus Christ and Rocky Horror's Brad, inset, could hardly be more diametric.
This guy was a diametric opposite of what the Apple stores are trying to do," Wolf said.