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Synonyms for diamante

adornment consisting of a small piece of shiny material used to decorate clothing

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fabric covered with glittering ornaments such as sequins or rhinestones

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The district launch will be supported by national and local movements, as well as by some senators and Cabinet officials, Diamante said.
Initial investigation by the Mati City police revealed that two suspects shot Diamante several times at Sitio (Sub-village) Sudlon, Barangay (Village) Central at around 5:45 p.
Metal frame 'Becky' is offered in a 52-eye size and features small diamante details.
Contact point(s): Centrale Unica di Committenza Comune di Praia a Mare Diamante Belvedere Marittimo indirizzo: Piazza Municipio 1 87028 Praia a Mare (CS) telefono 0985/73810
A part of the stockpiled minerals has been collateralised against the bridge funding provided to Blendcore LLC by Diamante for the processing of 12,000 ounces of gold with one processing line.
Legal counsel in Brazil is presently working to effect a transfer of ownership in Mineracao Batovi, which is expected later this year, following which time; Diamante will own 20% of the joint venture.
Finishing second with four points were Cebu Big Event of Rodelo Diamante, CGV Aldo of Mayor Goto and Aldo, AA Cobra of Atong Ang, Firefly 15 of Ernie Austria, CPB AAO of Gov.
Necklaces, from top: High collar, PS9, Butterfly by Matthew Williamson at Debenhams; chain & diamante, PS55, Coast; large chain bib, PS24.
Ante La saturacion y el envejecimiento de las diversas infraestructuras en las zonas Tradicional y Dorada de Acapulco y la necesidad de conformar un nuevo producto que reposicionara Acapulco en el mercado turistico mundial, el gobernador Jose Francisco Ruiz Massieu (1987-1993) lanzo el proyecto Acapulco Diamante, el cual se oferto como el Acapulco del siglo XXI.
Diamante is an oceanfront master planned community that is nestled on approximately 1,500 acres of pristine land with 1.
Diamante Cabo San Lucas, a Mexico-based private oceanfront community located on the Pacific Coast in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, has announced construction of a new oceanfront community on the Baja Peninsula, the Diamante Dunes Clubhouse.
El sistema de pozos del sector Ojo de Agua y Diamante producen un 72% del caudal extraido de los acuiferos y un poco mas del 20% de la produccion total (Velasquez, 1998).
En este trabajo se reporta el crecimiento de peliculas de diamante depositadas sobre silicio cristalino (111) por la tecnica de HFCVD.
GET THE LOOK Accessorize black gem bracelet, pounds 15; Debenhams Red Herring black enamel diamante flower ring, pounds 8; Marks and Spencer black statement necklace, pounds 29.