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phenomenon exhibited by materials like copper or bismuth that become magnetized in a magnetic field with a polarity opposite to the magnetic force

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Such a strong diamagnetism, due to the expulsion of magnetic flux by a supercurrent, is a significant signal of the onset of superconductivity.
Diamagnetism is what allowed the researchers to float the frog.
Magnetism - An Introduction II-6 Characteristics of Magnets II-6 A Glance at Developmental History II-6 Magnetism II-7 Various Types of Magnetism II-7 Diamagnetism II-7 Paramagnetism II-7 Ferromagnetism II-7 Antiferromagnetism II-8 Ferrimagnetism II-8
Organization is in 18 chapters beginning with basic properties of crystals and proceeding through phonons and lattice vibrations, free and nearly free electron models, band-structure calculations, static and transport properties of solids, electron-electron interaction, dynamics of Bloch electrons, semiconductors, electronics, spintronics, diamagnetism and paramagnetism, magnetic ordering, superconductivity, heavy fermions, metallic nanoculsters, complex structures, and novel materials.
The diamagnetism in some reported magnetometric hysteresis curves is an undesired source of uncertainty.