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separate by dialysis


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Unfortunately, the peritonitis recurred and he was found to be dialyzing poorly.
The IU team is now participating in a yearlong study to compare the health effects of conventional three-times-a-week treatment versus dialyzing two hours daily.
Many patients have discovered that dialyzing while they sleep provides them with the freedom to continue to pursue their careers, care for their families, or enjoy their years of retirement.
While many feel that remote monitoring will not prevent life-threatening situations, it does provide comfort and security to new patients dialyzing overnight (Morgan, Schlaeper, & Lockridge, 2004), making it a valuable patient recruitment tool (Hoy, 2001).
a pioneer in hemodialysis products and services for patients suffering kidney failure, has announced that in September the Company passed the significant milestone of 100 patients dialyzing at home on the Aksys PHD(R) System.
Thirty-three hemodialysis patients in the midst of dialyzing and 80 complex continuing care patients were living in the building.
Eleven of the twenty-three patients in the study have completed the study protocol, and there are twenty-two patients currently dialyzing on the PHD machine.
The increased flexibility of the system results in patients dialyzing as recommended, improving their overall care," said Dr.