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separate by dialysis


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Among survey respondents who previously dialyzed at home but now receive in-center treatment, 18 percent ceased home hemodialysis because of care partner issues.
Effect of Concentrated and Dialyzed Urine on Prion Infectivity
An accompanying editorial discussed the disappointing finding that yet another possible intervention for improving cardiovascular survival in dialyzed patients had failed (doi: 10.
kidney failure" and noted that the patient "may need to be dialyzed.
Peak eluted fractions were dialyzed against the column-washing buffer.
I'd rather give up a kidney then have him dialyzed three times a week,'' Finks said.
Quantitative analysis of carboxyl and pyridyl groups on the latex surface - The latex was placed in a cellulose tube and dialyzed for seven days with running water with its pH adjusted to 2 using a 0.
In 1972, Shep Glazer, then-Vice President of the forerunner organization to AAKP, testified before the House Ways and Means Committee while being dialyzed.
He has performed 5,061 NHHD treatments since his discharge home, most likely making him the most dialyzed patient in such a time period.
Patients could be dialyzed in a common area or, if necessary, in their own rooms.
Patients in the Hemodialysis (HEMO) study who received a dialysis dose higher than that recommended by the National Kidney Foundation guidelines, or who were dialyzed using high-flux filters neither lived substantially longer nor had fewer hospital stays than those who received the currently recommended standard dose or were dialyzed with low-flux filters.
Therefore, we believe Nephros' MDF technique is capable of changing the standard of how ESRD patients are dialyzed.
Patients are being dialyzed on a lower bicarbonate setting and higher dialysate flow.