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separate by dialysis


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An important aspect of peritoneal dialyze is the fact that it is conducted at home [10].
on November 16, he was decompensated because of the "inability to dialyze [secondary to] hypotension.
Whether someone dialyzes in-center or at home, DaVita's Gift-Giving Guide for Dialysis is a great resource to find that one-of-a-kind gift that lets them know someone cares.
Outpatient dialysis facilities could dialyze patients on hemodialyisis, coordinate care, and transfer patients to hospitals before the storm.
and the Jewish Home and Hospital, New York, are classified as outpatient clinics, which allows the units to dialyze patients in shifts and to order and store supplies in bulk.
Currently, only about 30% of Medicare beneficiaries dialyze with a fistula, CMS said in a press release.
As holiday travel increases, DaVita offers the following travel tips for dialysis patients who dialyze in-center, at home and with peritoneal dialysis.
One clinic had to take its patients to a clinic designated as a "back-up" facility to dialyze patients until power returned.
Normally we dialyze between 24 and 26 patients each day at the main centre and eight at the satellite.
Now that I dialyze at home during the night, I have more energy during the day.
The hurricane would pass by with minimal damage, and we would be able to dialyze patients within 24 to 36 hours.
Fresenius Medical Services through its UltraCare at home(TM) programs is now encouraging patients and the medical community to consider treatments that allow patients to dialyze at home instead of in a clinic.
Our goal was to implement contact precautions (CP) in all our CDUs so that patients choosing and able to do so could dialyze in their home communities.
The unit in which I dialyze tells me my schedule is 6:00 p.