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a disorder characterized by deposit of amyloid in organs or tissues

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Dialysis-related amyloidosis is a chronic, progressive condition caused by the buildup in the body of a protein called beta 2-microglobulin.
Dialysis-related amyloidosis of the tongue in long-term hemodialysis patients.
Reduction of circulating [beta]2-microglobulin level for the treatment of dialysis-related amyloidosis.
Effect of [beta](2)-microglobulin adsorption column on dialysis-related amyloidosis.
Nephros believes that its products, particularly its Mid-Dilution Hemodiafiltration therapy, are designed to remove a range of harmful substances more effectively, and more cost-effectively, than existing ESRD treatment methods; particularly with respect to substances known collectively as "middle molecules," due to their molecular weight, that have been found to contribute to such conditions as dialysis-related amyloidosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative bone disease and, ultimately, mortality in the ESRD patient.