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separate by dialysis


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They rationalised this by calculating that their weekly dialysis dose was the same as when they dialysed during the daytime.
1mM PMSF and dialysed against 10 litres of same buffer with 2-3 replacements of fresh buffer.
The unit has 12 dialysis stations and also provides two isolation rooms for those who need to be dialysed in privacy.
Humour, even during war, and illness, are not missing; nor is irony: the first patient to be successfully dialysed and live was a Quisling who had become ill in gaol after the Liberation.
His idea for a devise to add oxygen to blood (an oxygenator) came from simply observing the colour of blood after it had been dialysed.
They also dialysed extra patients who could not get through to Townsville due to flooding.
With patients accommodated in Toowoomba as required, others located in outlying areas, others dialysed in Kingaroy, staff accounted for and line managers reported to, it was time to go home and get ready for what tomorrow may bring.
The first patient dialysed was a female aged 28 with chronic pyelonephritis who had 33 dialysis sessions before she received a renal transplant.
Patients dialysed for eight hours on long Gambro flat plate dialysers.