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separate by dialysis


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Les traitements sont peu nombreux, et l'evolution de la maladie necessite frequemment le recours a la dialyse ou a la transplantation.
When he goes to dialyse, he does so in a dialysis unit on an industrial estate.
I know how to read pulmonary capillary wedge pressures, defibrillate, triage, dialyse, intubate, cannulate, aspirate, rehabilitate, palliate, and attend to the deceased.
But they're having problems getting tubes into the veins in Alice's neck to dialyse her.
Patients usually need to dialyse for four hours, three times a week, so it is important services are provided as close as possible to their homes.
For six years I have left Stratford at about 7am to dialyse in Coventry, I'm usually home by mid-afternoon, then need to sleep for two to three hours before my evening meal and then turn in for an early night.
When she started to dialyse at home she could arrange treatments much more flexibly, enabling her to work full-time, with help from her home dialysis nurse, Marie Love, and Dr John Tapson.
Luckily, he has a hi-tech dialysis machine, known as HomeChoice, which enables him to dialyse at home rather than go into hospital several times a week.
Ce cours aborde aussi la grande problematique de la prise en charge de l'insuffisance renale aiguE1/2 chez l'enfant africain et la problematique que pose la dialyse peritoneale dans les pays africains.
Faites-nous part des experiences vecues au sein de votre unite; par exemple, l'essai d'un nouveau logiciel de planification electronique des rendez-vous des patients; l'augmentation du nombre de traitements de dialyse autonome effectues dans votre unite grace au soutien unique que vous offrez a vos patients; l'instauration d'une activite d'amelioration continue de la qualite ayant suscite des resultats benefiques; etc.
Margaret Griffiths, who also helped form Troika, said: 'It would be a hard task for any actor to undertake as it is not an easy role, but for Stephen, who has to dialyse three times weekly, it is of course even tougher.
Mrs Haimes said: "A member of our family had to have dialyse for six years and recently had a transplant.
The religious studies student has to dialyse four times a day.
Gambro Healthcare is a world leader in dialyse treatment for kidney disease with approximately 45,500 patients in 600 clinics all over the world.
Le service assure quotidiennement la dialyse pour 29 malades des communes de Khenchela, Ouled Archach, El Mehmel, Metoussa, Ain Touila, Baghai et Tamza, a indique de son cote le responsable du service, Smail Mizane.