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Synonyms for dialogue

Synonyms for dialogue

Synonyms for dialogue

a conversation between two persons

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the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction

a literary composition in the form of a conversation between two people

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How would Antin's talk-poem come across to the mighty dialogists in Robert Grenier's poem "Sticky Fingers"?
Dismayed, Jewish dialogists like Rabbi David Rosen proclaimed the event a disaster.
A less abstract approach on the part of both dialogists might have enabled Professor Gottfried to accept Professor Ryn's correct assertion about power occurring in a broad societal context, "within an already existing intellectual and imaginative mind-set with its corresponding desires.
We gain renewed respect for our dialogists in light of Professor Gottfried's remark, apparently acceptable to Professor Ryn, that "The managerial state came to power because the people wanted it, though in the best of all worlds they would not have been given that decision to make" (PIC, 98).
The dialogists are not, however, concerned with whether such eliminativism is true.