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(computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user

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Users can also dismiss the dialog box entirely and go directly to their Settings app to enter their password manually.
From the Insert tab, select PivotTable, and from the resulting Create PivotTable dialog box select OK.
As you can see, the last formula I used was IF, so I simply clicked on the Name Box to open the Function Arguments dialog box.
Their values can be specified in a convenient editor dialog box.
d) The template that you selected should appear with a checked box to the left in the window of the Templates and Add-Ins dialog box.
Also notice that a green circle with a star now appears next to Cash--Unrestricted in the "Reporting Elements" dialog box, indicating that the Cash--Unrestricted tag has been used.
The CREATE SHORTCUT dialog box should show a highlighted line of text similar to the following (I chose Netscape as my browser program):
HydraVision software features include window and dialog box control, hot-key shortcuts, independent resolutions and refresh rates, independent application control, and up to nine virtual desktops.
This tool instantly identifies such deformities and pops up a dialog box through which the user can smooth the surface.
A user selects File on Word's menu bar, then selects New, and clicks on the tab in the resulting dialog box (labeled Web Pages).
A dialog box appears, with an input box to type keywords, a keyword list box, and a topic list box, plus instructions to "Type a keyword, or select a topic from the list.
This macro begins by calling up a user- de-signed dialog box, using the DIALOG.
On the Advanced tab, in the Virtual Memory section, click the Change button to launch the Virtual Memory dialog box (pictured on the previous page to the left).
If a dialog box doesn't appear immediately, click "check for update.
Search-related tasks will get grouped into a Search Companion dialog box, for example, and files can be arranged by groups.