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Synonyms for dial

the marked outer surface of an instrument


to communicate with (someone) by telephone

Synonyms for dial

the face of a timepiece

the control on a radio or television set that is used for tuning

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the circular graduated indicator on various measuring instruments

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a disc on a telephone that is rotated a fixed distance for each number called

operate a dial to select a telephone number

choose by means of a dial

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Rates and local calling areas will not change as a result of the new dialing procedures.
Unlike other systems that require the use of special dialing formats such as #XXX or **XXX, which can only be used at the discretion and with the permission of individual wireless carriers, Call for Content uses North American Number Plan (NANP) numbers that can be dialed from any mobile or landline phone.
ALLTEL and other Ohio telephone companies originally announced the effective date of the dialing change to be Jan.
The strong appeal of StarStar Dialing was in direct contrast to consumer frustration with SMS Short Code dialing," said Gold.
We feel the seven-digit dialing procedure would have caused confusion to our customers.
FAST DIALING and INC's Switched 56 CSU/DSUs, the process becomes transparent.
To help customers adjust to the dialing change, calls will go through after the Nov.
Beginning December 31, 2005, all customers in the 310 area code should develop new dialing habits and dial 1 before the area code and seven-digit number when making calls;
com), World Outbound Dialing Markets, reveals that revenue in this market totaled $170.
As an all in one technology bundle, smARTspeak NG provides best-in-class speaker-independent continuous digit dialing, speaker-dependent name dialing and speaker-independent application navigation.
1 includes the ability to dial from many third-party applications using new AppleScript and "Apple Events" dialing support.
EarthLink recommends dialing into the call approximately 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.
It's important for Internet dial-up consumers to confirm they are dialing an Internet access number that is a local (free) call.
YAK is now accessible in homes and businesses throughout Saskatchewan (most local exchange carriers in the 306 area code) by dialing 10-15-945 before each long distance call.
EST on January 29 through midnight on November 5, 2003, by dialing (800) 642-1687.