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Synonyms for dial

the marked outer surface of an instrument


to communicate with (someone) by telephone

Synonyms for dial

the face of a timepiece

the control on a radio or television set that is used for tuning

Related Words

the circular graduated indicator on various measuring instruments

Related Words

a disc on a telephone that is rotated a fixed distance for each number called

operate a dial to select a telephone number

choose by means of a dial

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To get a white label mobile dialer app, drop an email sales@ecosmob.
3 Dialer app showcases a range of cards for every contact rather than a simple list.
The company said MoSIP is currently the sole Mobile Dialer which is readily available to operate on every existing mobile OS out in the market.
WRB completed the initial phase of its Interaction Dialer deployment July 29, 2013.
The Predictive Dialer is installed on its own Windows computer/server and includes its own SQL database, management reporting, SIP/RTP (VoIP) call/registration functionality, import/export functionality, call recording, call transfer functionality, voice mail/fax machine detection, prompt play, DTMF capture, call list management and also allows clients to integrate their products using the Dialers/Predictive Dialers open SQL database.
GC1 Peak Dialer users now have access to the following new features and functionality:
The Voiceserve Voipswitch Mobile dialer is a software package that allows cell phone users to make calls using a mobile phone via an Internet connection.
The problem comes in that when the dialer calls a subscriber with the ID feature, the marketer's number or name will be displayed on the phone.
In light of the widespread use of products like Outlook, ACT and Goldmine, the potential market for the Name Dialer is extensive.
The phone dialer makes no record of the date and time of the call.
We're seeing a steady increase in organizations deploying dialer technology, primarily to drive down costs through automation and gain a greater competitive edge with features like 'just-in-time' lead handling and capabilities for more proactive customer care," said Interactive Intelligence founder and CEO, Dr.
Besides the Google Experience Launcher, which is an exclusive feature for Google Nexus 5, the new Google Dialer application in Android 4.
has released a major upgrade to its Interaction Dialer predictive dialer software.
March 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Connect, the leading provider of cloud-based dialing and communication services, announces new functionality for GC1 Peak Dialer, a cloud-based dialer with predictive dialer and automated voice messaging capabilities.