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the branch of philology that is devoted to the study of dialects

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Nevertheless, there are PTRs extant for the other thirty-five counties of England and for the city of York, and so a great deal of data is still available for dialectological analysis.
Chapter 1 begins by defining dialect and goes on to explain the field of Dialectology, its origins, and the methodologies, theories and tools used in dialectological analyses.
The author's dialectological expertise and his focus on the principal Romance tongues (mainly Italian and its dialects, French, Spanish, German, with some references to Catalan, Portuguese, Rheto-Romance, Occitan, and German) allow for a broad panorama of idiomatic use.
The diachronic and dialectological investigations interestingly expand the scope of his research questions, but they have the characteristics of pilot studies.
Note that the distribution of ksi and sigma in this word does not follow the familiar dialect breakdown of early Greek--indeed, the fact that both shapes occur within a single dialect precludes a simple dialectological approach to the problem, since it would presumably be necessary to posit, e.
2006c "Onomastics and dialectology", Nihon Hogen Kenkyu-kai Dai Hachijusankai Kenkyuhappyokai Genko-shu [Journal of the Dialectological Circle of Japan] 83: 35-46; also printed separately with Japanese translation as part of no.
I argue that the diffusion of linguistic innovations is inextricably tied to dialect contact--the meeting of the innovation with the local traditional form--and as such we should conceptualize diffusion not as a simple "sequence of distributional changes" in the dialectological landscape, but as an outcome of contact-based processes, such as inter-dialect formation, simplification, and reallocation (see Trudgill 1986; Britain 1997a, 1997b, 2002; Trudgill and Britain forthcoming).
Chaim Rabin's Ancient West-Arabian, London, 1951), the same dichotomy emerges as a dialectological distinction.
The vocabulary compiled in Mezen' may be qualified as one of important early sources on Western Tundra Nenets; in combination with the sources of later origin (mainly Lehtisalo 1956) it can be used for the historical and dialectological treatment of the Mezen' subdialect (tracing and dating phonetic developments, etc.
The dialectological tradition says the most frequent realisation for OE ea in Middle Kentish when this is not part of an -eag /-eah compound is <ya, ia, ye, yea> (Wyld 1927, Mosse 1952, Campbell 1959, Jordan 1974 and Hogg 1992).
The grammatical description begins with a detailed description of sources, and of autonyms used by Zazaki speakers (a very complex issue), before moving on to a dialectological survey of Zazaki (pp.
Moreover, the religiolect frequently preserves archaic forms and makes use of migrated or displaced dialectalism, where uncommon dialectal characteristics appear in a certain region against regular dialectological expectations.
Since the late 1980's Professor Fisiak's dialectological research has concentrated on onomastic evidence.
As often with dialectological inquiries, the details are rather resistant to tidy summary.