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the branch of philology that is devoted to the study of dialects

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The methodology of data collection follows the dialectological pattern of the Atlas Linguistico do Brasil [Linguistic Atlas of Brazil] project (ALiB) for the phonetic-phonological and lexical-semantic questionnaires, and themes for semi-structured speeches; given the low recurrence of words that allow the context of the phenomenon, occurrences of the morphosyntactic questionnaire were also included (Table 1).
Nevertheless, there are PTRs extant for the other thirty-five counties of England and for the city of York, and so a great deal of data is still available for dialectological analysis.
Chapter 1 begins by defining dialect and goes on to explain the field of Dialectology, its origins, and the methodologies, theories and tools used in dialectological analyses.
Mather, in a series of publications from 1965 to 1972, covered the same ground with more sound dialectological techniques.
In his discussion of different dialects, for example, he writes that "Distinctions between genres frequently coincide with dialectological distinctions.
Awobuluyi Oladele (1992) 'Aspects of Contemporary Standard Yoruba in Dialectological Perspective' in Akinwumi Ishola (ed) New Findings in Yoruba Studies J.
The main aim of the present study is dialectological, but, as pointed out in the introduction, it necessarily implies a relevant account of the historical and cultural background of the area as well as of different methodological issues.
The article by Ronald Macaulay is mainly a plea to include more discourse features in dialectological research.
Reflecting a Europe-wide movement to simplify writing, the discussions among educators, primary-school teachers, linguists, and ethnographers, along with dialectological surveys conducted among the population, permitted these two pedagogical societies to work out rules for simplifying Russian.
With the help of the dialectological research conducted by McIntosh, et al.
Key words: Terms of the Sea, Costa Rica, glossary, dialectological analysis.
This is a skilfully presented and important dialectological document, filling a small but significant gap in the steadily growing inventory of descriptions of Swiss German dialects.
The French form of the huchement that was used to shoo away dogs was reported by dialectological dictionaries in the variants 'uch, us, ust', and later passed into the ordinary language, but quite late (in the 19th century according to Dauzat), in the form 'oust, ouste'.
Any disinterested reader of Guiraud's treatise soon realizes that he has come into the orbit of a man gripped by an idee fixe; his explication of Villon's code, complete with charts of vowels and learned dialectological divagations, stupefies.