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a logician skilled in dialectic

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In his introduction, Loske (2015) made two remarks that sparked my interest: he uttered the suspicious assertion that Jakob and Edenhofer (2014) position themselves as dialecticians synthesizing the seemingly irreconcilable on a higher level, and he questioned this fixation on the middle ground by quoting Friedrich von Logau, a poet of the 17th century.
Thus, a dialectician would argue that one is socially excluded from employment because the same person is spatially secluded from where the jobs are.
Any doubtful statement was soon looked up by these keen dialecticians, and the offender brought severely to book.
Materialist dialecticians go beyond 'process, change and transformation' to ponder the manner in which they operate: is the movement 'cyclical' or 'spiral' (Marx, 1976: 727, 780; 1968: 524); since most change is quantitative, not qualitative, need motion always be dialectical, or can it be mechanical within a dialectical totality?
Valla attacks the pride of knowledge of dialecticians, Disputation on Dialects (1439) (4)--from the standpoint of rhetoric and probable knowledge--are too well known to be rehashed here.
This is how War and Peace makes historians allegorists, turns specialists in global studies into dialecticians, and entices literary critics to become historians.
Second, the dialecticians (jadli), who habitually believe that the best way to develop one's understanding of the Qur'anic text is to follow a dialectical method in which one enters into the process of argumentation as a result of which all such claims would be eliminated for which one does not find any justification.
How could such paradox-loving dialecticians not support Aloni, who opposes "all forms of boycott against arts," but also, at the same time, is among the most vocal supporters of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement?
8) The power of the negative refers to Hegel's belief that there is always a tension between any present state of affairs and what it is becoming, (9) a thesis that many dialecticians from Heraclitus to Kaku have affirmed.
The other aim of the dialogue is to make its participants better dialecticians both through practicing the method and by diagnosing problems when the results go awry.
For devoted dialecticians, Ficino proffers many dialectical arguments; for those whose allegiance lay with scholastic tradition, Ficino has a whole book (18) that follows many of Thomas Aquinas's arguments.
The burden of the speculative philosopher is to present a vision of sufficient coherence, complexity, and generality that it may serve as a context within which more specialized assertions of the skeptics and constructive dialecticians may find meaningful engagement.
James, a professor in the History Department of FCC in those days, taught his students to look for "the future in the present," to be dialecticians of culture as well as history.
3) For an extraordinary text assembling in one train an entire cavalcade from the discourses of white dialecticians, see Bruce Andrews's sequence from White Dialect Poetry.
If anything, the philosopher is the greater fabulist, driving his premises to the neatest, most organic denouement; if anything, the novelists are the greater dialecticians, working out the dynamics of their premises in the free play of forces acting on their characters" (155-56).