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a logician skilled in dialectic

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Thus, a dialectician would argue that one is socially excluded from employment because the same person is spatially secluded from where the jobs are.
The job facing materialist dialecticians is to integrate our understanding of every form of value and of capital in order to locate the fulcra upon which those with naught to sell except labour-power can tip class power in their favour.
In this connection, scholars will likely take great interest in Sayre's discussion of how to think of Plato's Forms as numbers which afford dialecticians access to a special kind of measurement.
For devoted dialecticians, Ficino proffers many dialectical arguments; for those whose allegiance lay with scholastic tradition, Ficino has a whole book (18) that follows many of Thomas Aquinas's arguments.
The burden of the speculative philosopher is to present a vision of sufficient coherence, complexity, and generality that it may serve as a context within which more specialized assertions of the skeptics and constructive dialecticians may find meaningful engagement.
James, a professor in the History Department of FCC in those days, taught his students to look for "the future in the present," to be dialecticians of culture as well as history.
3) For an extraordinary text assembling in one train an entire cavalcade from the discourses of white dialecticians, see Bruce Andrews's sequence from White Dialect Poetry.
If anything, the philosopher is the greater fabulist, driving his premises to the neatest, most organic denouement; if anything, the novelists are the greater dialecticians, working out the dynamics of their premises in the free play of forces acting on their characters" (155-56).
He well knew and could articulate the theories of religion developed by Jungian psychologists and Marxist dialecticians.
His original goal was to keep Quality undefined, but in the processes of battling against the dialecticians he has made statements, and each statement has been a brick in a wall of definition he himself has been building around Quality.
62) They are contrasted with true dialecticians who are able to ascend to a first unhypothetical principle and then able to grasp the array of forms in their complexity.
They have acknowledged criticisms that they are anarchists, crypto-Leninists, "failed dialecticians," elitists, and utopians, among other things.
These movements' leaders are labelled the 'ultra-Left' by a ruling party that can still bring the dialecticians of orthodox and 'stagist' Marxism to its side when defending its user-pay policies.
Some thematists were not so much homogenizers as dialecticians who were able to identify a text's "basic conflict between two ideas and then to argue that the action of the work dramatizes and finally resolves the conflict" (Levin, qtd.
As Gotcher points out, dialecticians use such "harmless" shared deceptions to lay a crucial predicate: The assumption that there are no absolutes, that reality itself is subjective, and that what really matters is conforming to the consensus, the will of the collective.