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a logician skilled in dialectic

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As Lawlor observes, Lewis was such a dialectician and argufier that the past served him largely as a means for offering medicaments against the deadly ills of his own age.
In his essay on Naples (1925), coauthored with Asja Lacis, Benjamin bends the city to the exigencies of the materialist dialectician educated by photography.
Bernard was informed of the new perspectives and was urged to play his part, not as the unschooled opponent of a trained dialectician, but as the public prosecutor in a lawsuit.
In the stories and plays of the ever surprising Prussian poet Heinrich von Kleist, born four decades before our American Melville but like him in being a dialectician, only more so, justice philosophically considered is a constant theme.
We do not mean to insist that everyone should become a dialectician, that the dialectic is synonymous with thought, or that the dialectic is free of coercive teleological power.
Fate spoiled a fine dialectician to make a poor, hod-carting carpenter: me" (145).
In a film packed with emotion, there is not a trace of sentimentality, perhaps because Dvortsevoy is a superb dialectician with a sense of humor that is both absurdist and tender.
The article discusses and dissects five features of conversation as they emerge from an analysis of Book 7 of the Republic (logical, psychological, sequential, epistemological and normative), five avenues by which means dialectic transforms the soul of the dialectician so as to put it in relation to the good.
Valla had not used the term "grammaticus" of himself--he called himself an "orator" or "rhetorician"--but certainly proclaimed himself a philologist, not a dialectician or a philosopher.
In Chapter 5 L concludes that the 'eidetic' is built into the persona of Socrates qua dialectician.
Often the eiron is a subtle, ironic dialectician like Plato's Socrates (Foulke 600) who may withdraw temporarily from the action, only to surface at a critical moment in the plot and deflate the alazon (Rath 256), thereby bringing about the comic reversal.
1] The author was unknown to me and, though I, like everyone else, am naturally curious about "the magic of love," neither he nor his treatise -- to be perfectly frank -- would have retained my attention had it not been for the continuation of the title, which read: "It will be shown how Love is a metaphysician, a natural physicist, an astrologer, a musician, a geometrist, an arithmetician, a grammarian, a dialectician, an orator, a poet, a historiographer," and so on for a total of thirty-nine designations comprising love as an agriculturist, a wool manufacturer, an architect, a glass maker, a necromancer, a chiromancer, and a prognosticator.
He is also--and this claim comes less readily--a master dialectician.
McCabe's absorbing work shows that dialektike functions as a 'bridge' between 'the soul of the dialectician and the reality of the good' (97), thus transforming the life of the agent.
But it was the systematic, comprehensive Blanchard, the imaginative Northrop, and the brilliant dialectician, metaphysician, and ontologist Paul Weiss who gave the department its majesty.