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a logician skilled in dialectic

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In his introduction, Loske (2015) made two remarks that sparked my interest: he uttered the suspicious assertion that Jakob and Edenhofer (2014) position themselves as dialecticians synthesizing the seemingly irreconcilable on a higher level, and he questioned this fixation on the middle ground by quoting Friedrich von Logau, a poet of the 17th century.
Dialecticians argue that space, in the sense of territory, is not just something existing outside and prior to society, but something produced by society (Sayer 1985).
Ibn Dawud, the Zahiri scholar that he was relying on, was also a skilled dialectician, which was one of the main reasons that al-Nu'myun drew on his book so heavily.
Mas certamente pode-se argumentar, como faz Adam (1903), na pagina 404, que: " Thus the man who uses a single instrument correctly occupies the same relative position in regard to that object which the dialectician occupies in regard to the totality of things, and is, in his own small way, a king compared with the maker and the imitator of the instrument.
To the Japanese philosopher, every being was a shadow or echo of the Field of NonBeing or Nothing while to the German dialectician, every being a part of Being.
For a confessed dialectician these two principles are incompatible, impossible to express in a single theory: "If the poetic function is this operation of "defamiliarization" (ostranenie), all judgments of formal symmetry, recurrence and duplication fall apart: they are the filling between contrasts, therefore we shall explain--if we will not even deny their necessity, as we should do and other poetic movements already did.
28) Praise of Timaeus as the most astronomically-minded of their number, though, may be double-edged, for both at that place in the Republic and at the previous place to which it refers--the distinction between different forms of cognition in the simile of the line at Republic 509C-511E--the mathematician ranks below the dialectician, in that mathematics works with certain hypotheseis, things (assumptions) posited without being questioned or proven independently.
Plato frequently stresses the importance of collection and division: for example, he identifies the dialectician as one who can collect and divide things according to kinds.
He is a hopeless dialectician, has not a whiff of a sense of rhetoric, and no interest in audience as anything but consumer.
In the eyes of a military dialectician, the relationship is actually starting to reverse; that is, the otherwise stronger Side B is now prone to be threatened by Side A.
I discuss some of his own comments on the Left Right axis in Marcus Bullock, "Ernst Junger: A Dialectician of Treason," Cultural Critique 69 (Spring 2008): 52-78; and specifically his position on anti-Semitism in Marcus Bullock, "Ernst Junger and Walter Benjamin: Parallels and Parables of Germans and Jews," German Studies Review, 1999: 87-103.
A Hegelian dialectician could have a field day in deconstructing the ingenious game that theoretical reason plays with itself in Avtonomova's argument.
LaRose Parris's essay, "Frantz Fanon: Existentialist, Dialectician, and Revolutionary," captures the essence of these intersecting lines with a focus on Fanon's first book, Black Skin, White Masks.
12) Understanding the emotions requires the cooperation of the physicist and the dialectician, one assigning the material conditions, the other the formal.
Besides, it says on the cage this is a dialectician.