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the materialistic philosophy of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels

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McClendon, and me as individuals who have sought to advance a dialectical materialist philosophical perspective on the Black experience in the academy.
A genuinely dialectical materialist position is fruitful for understanding the dynamic relationships that exist in nature and the evolutionary process of life.
From this work came what his German disciple, Rudi Dutschke, referred to as "the long march through the institutions"--that is, the gradual subversion of the existing structures of Western civilization by the application of various forms of dialectical materialist theory.
And his 1972 BBC series, Ways of Seeing, was a polemical masterpiece, a dialectical materialist antidote to Kenneth Clark's Civilization and all such universalizing schemes.
Fidel Castro, usually dismissed as a doctrinaire dialectical materialist, is said to have strong links to santeria.
I contend that President Sekou Toures profoundly insightful philosophical essay, "A Dialectical Approach to Culture," stands out as one of the premier contributions and formidable introductions to the presentation of the dialectical materialist philosophical analysis of African culture, particularly in the throes of the anti-imperialist struggle.
They argue instead for a dialectical materialist approach to the study of nature.