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of or relating to or employing dialectic


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A residential Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program encourages and empowers goal setting in a way that even the best outpatient treatment cannot match.
The Italian physicist Ettore Majorana in his 1937 paper [3] raised serious doubt about such absolute categorization and forced the dialectical perspective on modern particle physics; shortly after Paul Dirac gave the relativistic formulation of quantum mechanics for the electron [4] and conceived the theoretical basis for describing the spin 1/2 particles that would divide all possible matter particles into two mutually exclusive groups known as fermions and bosons, based on their spin properties.
Borderline Personality Disorder is a maladaptive coping style that has up to an 87% success treatment rate using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.
Marsha Linehan, developer of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).
Central to Asiedu's concern is the nature of the dialectical method.
Brian Russell Graham's new book, The Necessary Unity of Opposites: The Dialectical Thinking of Northrop Frye, contributes to this increase in interest and argues that Frye's thought is unified by a dialecticism heavily influenced by William Blake's Orc/Urizen cycle.
of Chicago) describe an adapted form of dialectical behavioral therapy--originally developed by Marsha Linehan in 1993 for individuals engaging in recurrent suicidal behavior who meet criteria for borderline personality disorder--that has been modified for treatment of clients with binge-eating disorder and/or symptoms of bulimia nervosa.
Further, it examines through the accidental epitaph the nature of memory and ontology in the 21st century--if the "self" is merely a dialectical relationship between consciousness of itself and consciousness of the object--what, then, is our consciousness comprised of?
Dialectical bootstrapping is a method by which an individual mind averages its' own conflicting opinions, thus simulating the 'wisdom of the crowd.
Kramer (1983) proposed three themes running through postformal thinking: (a) awareness of the relativistic nature of knowledge, (b) acceptance of contradiction, and (c) integration of contradiction into the dialectical whole.
Linehan, much less something called dialectical behavior therapy.
CHICAGO -- A modified form of dialectical behavioral therapy may be an effective and economical intervention for reducing anger and aggression among prison and jail inmates, Dr.
Using the organismic dialectical metatheory and the empirical research approach, this study systemically explores the relationship between creative situations and creative behavior.
Not only does repentance mark the shift from neo-Kantian rationalism to dialectical theology, but Rashkover's readings themselves force Barth and Rosenzweig to repent of their excesses, by turning them toward each other.
This self-styled primer is particularly good at dealing with the challenges of performance as a dialectical process that cannot be reduced to a simple formula for success--a process that requires constant adjustment, as well as a high tolerance for frustration and disappointment.