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the study of the geographical distribution of linguistic features

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LALME uses the 'fit-technique' (see McIntosh 1956, 1963), where documents of unknown provenance are localised according to their linguistic similarity with 'anchor texts' which have a known provenance; one important advantage of this approach is that documents of unknown provenance can still be used to study dialect geography and to represent a dialect continuum of ME.
Andrus Saareste introduced dialect geography to Estonia already in the 1920s and compiled several Estonian dialect atlases starting from the late thirties.
Relatively few changes have been made in this edition to the early chapters, dealing with basic concepts, the methods of both dialect geography and sociolinguistics and the fundamental patterns of social variation.
4) There is therefore no bar in dialect geography to We(o)ndune having been a section of the low elevation fringing the south bank of the Mersey, rising south-eastwards from Court House to just over 30m (100[prime]) in rather less than 2km (something over a mile), on which Rice Wood once grew.
This book has long been a desideratum--an encyclopedic reference work on Arabic dialect geography written by two eminently qualified Arabic dialectologists, who have accomplished much field-work in the Arab world over long and distinguished (and far from completed) careers.
Garr [in his Dialect Geography of Syria-Palestine, p.